Coronavirus--Taiwan developments

That should be a no brainier though right?

I know people need to have this explained to them, like in the case of Coronavirus itself, if someone is going around and targeting people that look like they might have come from China, which they were in the UK and the USA and apparently now some foreigners in Taiwan or China, this is some next level xenophobic shit.

Yes certainly.

BUT on the other hand, you always have to make fun of, despise other “symbolic tribes” in order to make yourself feel superior, smarter, “more relevant”. Even if extremely sad and unfortunate, it is natural, it is an human need.

Plus the French people have been one of the traditional bashing target in the English speaking countries. It is easier and everybody will understand what you mean.

On top of that, being mostly latin in their culture, they tend to get easily offended. It’s fun to watch !!

So why not the French ?

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I’m gone stick a paper to my chest reading ‘I’m French’, seats on public transport will clear wherever I go.


For your perusal.

A French guy’s experience in quarantine.


*guy made a couple of mistakes in his form -wrote wrong alley number in address-, so they put a bounty on his head and the French office had to call him and tell him about it, so he called authorities to straighten things up. Cops still have him an earful and he ended up having to send daily selfies of himself with thermometer in his mouth.


Already has its own thread. :grin:

Wrong link. Try again.

Good, well written and thoughtful OpEd. But, the writer’s hopes will never be realized.

Eh, I changed the link.

This is not a dig, and I’m not laughing at you, but that is pretty close to being a generically funny statement. It’s also honest and admirable. Still, I couldn’t help laughing. Peace :v:

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I think I picked up a bit of tough pragmatism from Guy In Taiwan back when he stalked the boards.


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It’s a running joke. I don’t give a fuck where he’s from. CTFO.

OK. fair enough. Sorry la.

Have you guys heard about the student in Kaohsiung, who came back from the US and was set up in a separate apartment by his family for his quarantine. He was bored…So he called a dozen friends and had a party. Building guard almost had a fit…

Here’s the kicker: they can’t fine him. He did not leave the premise. There is no law they can throw at him.


Then change the law

Too late to get that spoiled brat.

Hopefully he’ll not test positive. Hopefully for the rest of us, not the guy, screw him.


A funny detail missing: the address he gave was his parents.

He was located after the police made his name public.

Hope the cafe sues him for lost revenue.


Need to give immediate jail time