Coronavirus--Taiwan developments

That’s a fake news website run by a bunch of fake experts. They self-promote on social media all the time.

Yep, seems like not a company universally accepted as a reliable source. Example:

Are they reenacting the mask policy now?

3 more cases, two Filipinos asymptomatic from Philippines, one sick Taiwanese coming back from working in Indonesia. And that last one is the one that still grinds my gears…

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Following up on Icon’s update: Taiwan News has posted this report on these imported cases:


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Also from today’s Taiwan News: the Deputy Minister of Health was asked in the Legislative Yuan when the public could expect a domestically produced vaccine? The answer: the second quarter of 2021 at the earliest.

The original reporting from CNA appears here:



Today, one weird case: 6 tests, all negative…until now. Taiwanese, came in 9/11, quarantine ok, tested on 9/28.

Probably just another weak positive :laughing:

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Her guys this thread generates as much excitement as the press conferences. No one noticed I wrote the wrong nationality? That’s what success gets ya.

Minister Chen is a bit concerned about this one though.

Of course he is, another dirty foreigner! We should get a full run down on his personal details, travel, address etc. in the very near future.


You’ve confused two different cases. There was a Taiwanese who returned to Xiamen and was tested six times and got a bunch of different results. Chen has no idea why they’d do that many tests and why the results are so confused.

The French guy is likely another case of viral fragments. Completely asymptomatic and was still under isolation even though he’d finished quarantine. No real concern there.


Yep, another weak positive, . No details on the health care worker mentioned though.

There you go. He is concerned because the guy was tested 6 times until bingo.

Different case.

Focus Taiwan has posted a report on this potential exported case:


Sorry, multitasking while listening to the presser.

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