Coronavirus - Taiwan (October-December 2020)

Can hardly blame the student for wanting to get out, even if he/she had no symptoms.

As to the other 2 countries (Indonesia, and the Philippines), they are the places that worry me much more than Citizens coming back to use the NHI.

People scuttling back to Taiwan, where they don’t even live, to take advantage of cheap health care. And then the old crones on the MRT run away from foreigners. Pathetic.


Another case involves a Taiwanese man in his 20s who traveled to the United States in mid-August to study and began experiencing muscle soreness, a cough with mucus, runny nose, headache and an abnormal sense of smell on Nov. 6.

He left for the US in August. Smart enough to get into university, but not very smart at all.


This is what the Focus Taiwan article linked above had to say about the returning student:

Another case involves a Taiwanese man in his 20s who traveled to the United States in mid-August to study and began experiencing muscle soreness, a cough with mucus, runny nose, headache and an abnormal sense of smell on Nov. 6.

Upon his arrival in Taiwan on Nov. 20, he told health authorities of his symptoms and was tested at the airport and the results came back positive Sunday.

He knew he was symptomatic and got on that plane to return to Taiwan.

He also knew there was a global pandemic when he elected to go to the US to study. It’s not like he was stuck there when the pandemic suddenly hit.

EDIT: What RBE said!



What will happen when vaccines finally arrive in Taiwan? Who will have priority?

According to the CDC, here’s the planned priority list:

Priority will be given to people in the following order: medical workers, disease control staff, airport inspection employees, the police, military police, military personnel, nursing center staff and social workers, seniors aged 65 and over, high-risk groups aged 19 to 64, those with rare and serious diseases, and people aged 50 to 64, reported CNA.




Doesn’t it seem a bit surprising how far down on that list people over 65 are? I at least thought they’d be ahead of military police and military personnel.

I don’t disagree.


You have to protect the protectors or else they can’t take care of the fragile ones. You strengthen the wall, the first responders, then you have a solid base for the rest.


And of course, Citizens vs Non-citizens. I guess the latter are at the bottom of the list, no matter what age.

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That has not been their modus operandi so far.

But we shall see…


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One more imported case reported today: a Taiwanese man in Ghana who somehow made it back via an international emergency evacuation flight:



Doesnt sound good for him and I hope it goes well for him. It seems he did the right thing and came back on a MediVac charter - must have cost someone a motza.

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From the link above:

“ According to current regulations, it is mandatory for citizens who contract the virus abroad to meet certain health criteria before being allowed into the country.

They need to have two consecutive negative tests or have no symptoms of the disease for two months since the onset. They must report to the health authorities in advance and failure to do so may result in a fine of up to NT$2 million (US$70,130) or a maximum two-year prison sentence.”

And this:

“The CECC said the man has had no contacts since he returned, and all flight crew and healthcare workers aboard the charter flight ensured appropriate protection during the flight.”

If that’s the case now, why can it not be done with the people who need to return after December 1st? Why deny them entry then? Can it not also be ensured that ‘all flight crew had appropriate protection during the flight’ for citizens and APRC holders entering after December 1st?

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I hope they will come up with a sensible approach to allow citizens and APRC holders back home. The right to return home cannot be erased at will, especially if there is a way to ensure safety of others onboard, like in the flight of Taiwanese who returned from Ghana and there is no problem because ‘all crew had appropriate protection’.

If it can be done now it can be done after December 1st also.

People have the right to come back and based on this crew safety after the returned from Ghana, it can be done so safely.

Or maybe CDC only allows it for rich, powerful people? :thinking:

Don’t do the ’ if you don’t like it leave thing ’ newbie.
We have all have our different opinions here.

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I think such a suggestion is perfectly suitable here. Complaining about having to wear a mask in certain public places as a preventative measure when much of the world is living in a real-life version of 28 Days Later is :roll_eyes:

I’ve been here since December 31. But I don’t really think it’s got that bad out there yet…also that was a rage-inducing virus, this is a cough-inducing virus. YMMV.

Looking at all the protests around the world against lockdowns, etc., this is a rage virus too.

A late follow-up: I also read that national security concerns have taken priority here. With the PRC apparently intent on pushing the envelope at every available opportunity, I now get the reasoning.



CDC has announced the new entry changes:

They came to their senses that they can’t strain people abroad. Everyone has a right to return. They’ve put test upon arrival and a high fine to discourage returning upon will and not caring about anything, but FINALLY they’ve realized they can’t ignore the international law of right of return. People will be able to be back and not become refugees aimlessly abroad.