Coronavirus - Taiwan (October-December 2020)

515 total now. One more today.

Presser does not get 2 minutes in local news. They devote more time to explaining that three pieces of tienbula has the same calories as a bowl of rice…


Following up on Icon’s update, here is the Focus Taiwan report on today’s imported case:


Before he boarded a plane bound for Taiwan, the man showed no symptoms of the virus, the CECC said, but while in flight, he developed a sore throat and a mild cough.



They always make the cabin temp too cold.

I gather COVID-19 has killed off the flu season, but can it co-exist with the common cold? It may just be a coincidence. Non-symptomatic Scary Plague plus an ordinary symptomatic cold.

Or maybe the cabin air dried his throat out and he needed some water.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 is not a non-symptomatic disease. Please keep misinformation out of our threads. Thank you.


I gather that it takes quite a while to show symptoms.

Also that some never show symptoms.

Thank you.

SOME does not mean it is all. It is NOT asymptomatic. It is incredibly symptomatic for many people, dangerous and deadly. To play it down is nothing more than an insult to us who have friends and family living in countries affected and the good work the Taiwanese government has done protecting us.

You wanna pollute the US politics forums? Fine. You’re Mick’s problem. But keep your lies and deceit to yourself and away from the Taiwanese forum.

We don’t need misinformation in the Taiwanese forum.


I generally find the temps too high

For me they are too average


well said



And some just die!

Aside from two new cases, imported, 517 is the number now…

…my dear neighbor who was in quarantine left for the South as soon as it was over. Seems he forgot/no one told him/did not read the instructions/ did not care about the extra week of self monitoring which also requires to wear masks everywhere AND NOT TRAVEL, especially in public transportation. On which he gets discount because if his age. Sigh. :eek: :rant:


The official notice doesn’t say don’t travel or don’t take public transportation if without symptoms.


How would you react when you’d come face-to-face with someone that told you he just came out of quarantine?

I went face to face with someone just out of quarantine and it seemed to be fine.

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Where is that from? TAIWAN CDC states an extra week of self monitoring. No public transportation nor going to big crowd gatherings. Wear mask at all times if out and about.

And certainly going down South in the middle of a big holiday rush just out of quarantine is not right.

Focus Taiwan has posted a report on these two imported cases:


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I was copying directly from the notice I received last month. The document was longer than that but the remaining items were if someone had symptoms.

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Yep but it looks for instructions on the regular 14 day quarantine, not the extra 7 day.

Self management rules

Self management period is the next week after quarantine.

Since you don’t want to believe me, this is the complete notice copied and pasted from the file in my phone. Downloaded the day I got the notice by text message.

2020/05/13 版
為降低可能傳播風險,並保障您自己、親友及周遭人士的健康,請您於居家隔離/檢疫監測期滿後 7 日內確實做好自主健康管理措施:
四、倘您有發燒( ≥ 38˚C)、嗅/味覺異常、腹瀉或有呼吸道症狀,請立即佩戴醫用口罩,請撥打 1922 或聯繫衛生局,依指示至指定社區採檢院所就醫,且禁止搭乘大眾運輸工具前往。就醫時應主動告知醫師接觸史旅遊史、居住史、職業暴露、以及身邊是否有其他人有類似的症狀。
六、生病期間,與他人交談時,除戴上醫用口罩外,儘可能保持 1 公尺以上距離。
七、如您就醫後,經醫院安排採檢,自採檢醫院返家後,於接獲通知檢驗結果前,應留在家中,不可外出,如檢驗結果陽性,衛生局將會通知您及安排就醫。另於獲知檢驗結果為陰性後,仍需自主健康管理滿 7 天,期間如果症狀加劇,請確實佩戴好醫用口罩,並應主動與衛生單位聯繫,或撥 1922,依指示儘速就醫,且禁止搭乘大眾運輸工具就醫。
八、如未確實遵守各項自主健康管理規定,係違反「傳染病防治法」第 48、58 條,將依同法第 67、69 條處新臺幣 6 萬至 30 萬元或新臺幣 1 萬至15 萬元不等罰鍰。