Trump has Covid-19

I prefer living.

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Trump understands what living really means.

Right. One billionaire who has the means to do whatever he wants at anytime knows what living really means.

So you’re admitting that you wouldn’t understand, so in that case how would you know?

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Dude, is that envy?

He’s got COVID, and he’s not letting it stop him. That’s living, my friend. If you can’t admire that, then you really don’t get it.

Please stop being silly.

By not following SOP (in this case, isolation to stop the spread of the virus), Trump has put—and appears to continue putting—others at risk.

As the Globe and Mail put it, the situation now in the White House is an utter dumpster fire.



I thought you once sarcastically called it the ‘Scary Plague’ and also non sarcastically called it non-symptomatic.

Several posts ago in fact.

Now he’s ‘living’ because he pulled through the Non-Symptomatic Scary Plague?

He’s got grit


Did Trump spam tweet during the debate? I honestly haven’t checked. If he hasn’t, something is not right, it’s what he does.

You really do have problem with reading comprehension.

And here comes the mudslinging! :rofl:


Trump: " I like people who weren’t captured"

Me: “I like people who didn’t catch Covid because they are incompetent morons”

Admire? :rofl:


Yeah. Admire.

There’s something lacking in someone who never, ever comes close to death. You can only avoid so much risk before your existence becomes a kind of living death from all risk avoidance.

And then some risk you forgot about gets you.

I once knew a woman who “lived” to the age of 98. I asked her about her life. It turned out she had never done anything at all worth mentioning. Nothing. Zip.

Then she died of cancer. Fuck that.

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This thread is ridiculous.


Especially the guy with the lime-green R who keeps posting nonsense.

Some people have difficulty comprehending that other people have different preferences in their lives.

Some people have difficulty understanding that interesting things cost money and are unavailable to those without the means.

There’s always begpacking.

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Yeah. And then mock them for being short of breath.

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No. We’re mocking his hypocrisy.

Some people might not be able to comprehend what the difference is in the meme.

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I don’t think you know what that word means.

I’m not sure that was Rowman’s point. Worldliness has become a litmus test in the modern era. I don’t really agree with it, but I do agree that people who don’t go anywhere AND don’t know anything about where they live has kind of let it all pass by. :idunno: