Coronavirus - Taiwan (October-December 2020)

Eh I do believe you. Did you see the second video? It’s in English.


In order to get down South, one must go through a bus station which is a public venue which is advisable not to go.

No WTF moment?

No. We went and hung out all day.

Travel is permitted without symptoms.

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It’s your friend, but what if it were a stranger?

They did their quarantine. Wear the mask. I trust the government’s guidelines as we remain the best performing country.

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Wear the mask is vital. See the Filipino worker who tested positive after quarantine. He wore mask. Those around him too. Results: no contagion.

I just distrust my dear neighbor, who split like a rocket, taking bus, mrt, going to restaurants, meeting relatives, doing social life… question is will he wear a mask.

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One more: 518, Taiwanese from Philippines.

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Following up on Icon’s update: Taiwan News has posted a report about today’s imported case—apparently a “weak positive,” with the test requested and paid for by the returnee following quarantine:


Three more imported cases reported today, all Taiwanese citizens. Two returned from the US, one from France.



Amazing how often people start to develop symptoms in flight. I guess being on a plane really brings the coronavirus out in people. :roll:


Does it mean this virus are present to the upper troposphere?
or probably the plane didn’t change the air filter?

No it means they lie when they’re checking in. They know they have the virus, they just want to get home to some free NHI.


What @the_bear said.

And @RBE was being deliciously sarcastic.

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As was I planning to do.

In a few days, more people in Trump’s orbit tested positive for coronavirus than in all of Taiwan


The weak positive sounds like a casedemic, not a pandemic.

Yeah the term weak positive should be retired. There are a lot of viral fragment cases triggering false positives and the concomitant quarantining and contact tracing. No one with viral fragments in their system is remotely contagious. The case two days ago here is clearly viral fragments from an earlier infection.

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