Coronavirus Taiwan Open - April-June 2022

Really a very ugly connection if true

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This deserves its own thread.

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That site is a fucking cesspool.

It’s been that way since I’ve been following it. Maybe 18 years or more?

Get the official stats, not Wikipedia.

Taipei city alone lost like 20 thousand people last year, mostly moved elsewhere -New Taipei or beyond-much cheaper.

Taiwan’s population declines for second straight year: MOI
01/10/2022 07:52 PM
Image for illustrative purpose only (source: Pixabay)
Taipei, Jan. 10 (CNA) Taiwan saw its population fall for a second consecutive year in 2021 to a level not seen since 2013, according to the latest household registration statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI).

As of the end of 2021, the population fell by 185,922 from 2020 to 23,375,314, according to the figures.

One major factor explaining the decline was negative net emigration, with 16,733 people immigrating to Taiwan from overseas and 183,369 emigrating abroad during the year, the figures showed.

Also contributing to a lower population was the greater number of people who died than were born. There were 183,732 deaths in 2021, the most on record in a single year in Taiwan and 153,820 births, an all-time low, the figures showed.

The previous low for births in Taiwan was in 2020 at 165,249, and total births have now fallen for six consecutive years since 213,598 babies were born in 2015.

The number of marriages in Taiwan also dropped by 7,096 from the previous year to another single-year low of 114,606, and the crude marriage rate was 4.88 marriages per 1,000 people.

And remember folks:single parenthood is a no no here. As in not getting married and having the kid is an scandal, even if wealthy. Sigh.


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and we have a thread for that already

Population decline has been coming for a long time. Pandemic most likely accelerated the trend.
Same happens in Germany, Japan, China and in many other countries.

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Among other things.

All things considered, zero hedge and otherwise, I guess I’d be holding off getting the incoming Novavax jab, if I was at all concerned about future breeding. :man_shrugging:

Then again, if said data is true and accurate, maybe the jabs4ever! die-hards becoming impotent is some sort of natural selection taking place, as we speak.

Could be a win-win.


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