Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments April 2022

Seems she’s going into quarantine because of a contact according to that article.


It’s not her but her family member but I won’t be surprised if the media here tells that she get it too. Media here blows things out of proportion anyway.

President is a close contact with only 300 odd cases a day. She is unlucky.

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These numbers just scream “active management.”

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The article I linked above from today’s Taipei Times made it extremely clear that this is NOT the current national government policy going forward.


San ba er, san ba si.

So how does this work? Don’t people work at the president house? I imagine she has her own bathroom but doesn’t that mean people can’t go in and out?

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As I mentioned a week or so ago, if these “contacts/confirmed cases” start hitting closer to home in LegYuan, ExecYuan, and Presidential Palace, then in an offhand way it’ll be positive towards a relaxing of all this sheet, because they’ll experience for themselves how symptoms for most people just last a few days (if not asymptomatic), and then their lives are back to normal.

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Well you can’t even hope to stop omicron… just being in the same room with the guy will get you, even with masks.

I was hoping she would come just so I can see her do the stupid ass elbow bump with Tsai, because proximity of elbow bumps are less dangerous than shaking hands.

somebody give me an ETA for when covid goes haywire in Taiwan? it already is, but when will they actually have the Korea numbers.

is there any benefit to testing positive in taiwan? paid time off work? I’m almost sure my school would just fire me and not help pay for any quarantine time.

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Nope. This sweeping statement is false.


I had my boss say that I can have an extra two weeks off unpaid during the summer as a thank you for working hard during the last two years.

He seriously thought this was good.


Yeah, doubt there’s any benefit. The boss/school of an acquaintance of mine is apparently paying for the quarantine hotel fee exceeding the government stipend, and at least part of their salary (not sure whether it’s the full amount), while they’re locked up as a contact, but it seemed discretionary.

I wouldn’t be rushing to get tested personally. I’ve been considering buying one or two home test kits at some point just in case (not sure yet - I might prefer not to know), but if I did get symptoms I’d be tempted to just isolate myself at home a bit more than usual.

What a joke. :laughing:

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Ah yes, because Omicron can spread telepathically

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No one knows, but I’d guess 2 months.

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They said that they are not aiming for “living with covid” in this model. Here is the quote from the article:

"This means that health officials can shift gears to mitigating the effects of the pandemic, but the new model is not the same as “living with COVID-19,” as the virus would not be allowed to spread unchecked, Su said.

The strategy is to be implemented under the principle of allowing people to live normal lives, active prevention of the virus’ spread and a stable reopening of the economy, striking a balance between maintaining public health and economic well-being, he added."

There will be masks and disinfection spray for quite some time apparently.


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Serious question…if you can have a mask mandate why not a vaccination mandate?


to be honest…there KIND OF is a vaccine mandate, the only problem is it only covers the young people. Every company, every boss requires you to have your jabs, but grandpa doesn’t work.