Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments April 2022

This is a thread for discussion of specific Covid-related happenings here. We’ll move broader discussion or criticism away from here. The Open thread is available for that–as well as any other discussion of developments people choose to have thereposts won’t be moved from there to here. We’ll see if this is wanted and how it goes


As an example of what I’m thinking, if a new regulation that masks must be worn in the bathroom on alternate Tuesdays in Chiayi is announced, the specifics of that measure are fair game, but not masks in general, fascism in Taiwan, etc. If the latest daily case numbers are posted here, that’s fair for discussion, but not if Covid actually exists or is actually much more prevalent than the numbers suggest, if government measures in general are desired at all, if Zambia has adopted a superior approach, etc. Just tossing out some crazy examples here. This is a test


Why Tuesdays? Why not wednesdays?

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Anyhoo….feelings on todays number? Are we going high? Is this the big jump? Three cans of baked beans in my weekly shop or four?

My money is on the number being lower today followed by 150 tomorrow(local cases)

Covid Stats For 2022-04-01

Local = 104

Airport = 75

Quarantine = 57

Deaths = 0

New Local Cases Details



Cats well and truly out of the bag then.

Wow, triple digits again. Might turn into a longer than expected holiday…

Anyone know why they still report this number so prominently? Don’t think the virus seeks out one gender over another.

In yesterday’s presser, Chen said he didn’t see need for other cities to send residents quick tests. That may soon be updated after this weekend.

Does that mean they’re nuking Keelung?

I kid, I kid…

NTC is the biggest number right now. 40 today.

If things get out of control I envision a scenario in which short term we lock down again like last May (don’t say “it’s not a lock down”), but long term they give up and reopen their borders like Australia or New Zealand when they can’t control it. If death rates stay low, I don’t see them going the way of Hong Kong or Shanghai.


104 Local

0 Local quarantine

28 unknown source of infection

Like Thailand, no testing required until you arrive. But what happens if you test positive on arrival? Quarantine in a Thai massage parlor?

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The worst thing about Thailand is you can test negative on day one, then go out.

But! They then test you again on day 5 and if you’re positive, off to the expensive quarantine hotel for you!

Total scam and the reason I’m not going back there yet.

New Taipei had the highest number of new domestic cases at 40, followed by 20 each in Taoyuan and Keelung, and 12 in Taipei.


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My company’s preparing for WFH next week. Just checked the weather forecast and I’m suddenly quite keen. Mojitos on the balcony. Fat Freddy’s Drop on the beatbox.


NTC is kind of vague, it’s a big place.

At the cram school I work at, no one mentioned anything. No kids or teachers said anything. People don’t give a shite anymore.