Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - April 2021

Further eligibility requirements include having to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before their flight and another negative test for COVID-19 on the seventh day after their arrival.

They must also be tested for antibodies in Taiwan, although the CECC has not yet decided how such a test would be carried out, Chen said.

All kinds of things to get done.
And then out-of-pocket COVID-19 test on the 7th day, and what’s the amount out-of-pocket to be tested for antibodies?


One should also allow that at the time it was very hard to get any covid vaccines. And pfizer and others may not have been available. And there was a window to order 20 million doses of AZ vaccine?

im due for my second pfizer shot tomorrow. guess i will get it. still apprehensive though but in view the problems worldwide still with the virus.

The USA has put level 4 alert against travel to another 160 countries today.
Basically all of Europe and most of Asia, etc etc.

my wife felt a little unwell for about a day with some fever and a lot of hurt at the injection site for about 24 hours and then was fine. She had zero effect from the pfizer second shot.

my first pfizer shot strangely i didnt really feel much arm pain outside of the initial jab which hurt a lot as they went in deep.
i didnt feel any fever or much of anything. I felt my left leg cramp up a bit (may be mind induced due to all the talk of blood clots) and was lethargic for about 24 hours with some vertigo as i put my head down, i had to think myself out of it…friend felt the same thing…vertigo…after his pfizer shot…

hope i will be like my wife and feel basically zero side effects from the second shot.

bro and his wife got both pfizer shots and are fine…not much of any side effects to speak about.

until one day when you are as old as the old bat and some young punk wastes five mins of the (last ) remaining minutes of your life that is :slight_smile:

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How long does it take untill antibodies can be detected after vaccination? Same as for infection? Do you also have igm and igg? I still have some antibodie blood tests lying around after back in December it was only economical to straight buy a batch of 25 tests for 100 euros as single tests were like 30-40 Euros.

So that should answer some questions too about price. They can be as cheap as 100 ntd per test (rapid antibody blood test) at least the Chinese ones. Xiamen kingdomway has a cheap and very good one that is sold rebranded worldwide

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I’m asking here as you guys seem generally much more informed about the vaccine situation than I am.

I am going with my kids to the States for 5 weeks starting on around June 7.

I need to make a choice of either:

(1) getting the AZ vaccine in Taiwan on May 13; or

(2) getting the Pfizer vaccine in the US on June 10.

If I get the Pfizer I can get both shots when I’m in the US and come back fully vaccinated. Also, if something goes wrong, I’d much rather be in the US medical system than Taiwan. However, if I get the AZ vaccine, I’ll at least have some protection before traveling, but I’m not sure if or when I can get my second jab.

Any thoughts or opinions?

rough night and morning with aching muscles, joints and last night a fever–sleep was on and off all night.

This morning, still a bit under the weather. It’s my knees that are worse–so stiff and achey. And my left arm feels like someone has punched it.

The headache and fever have gone though. Just got the aching legs now.

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This doesn’t answer your question but - Studies are underway in Britain on the safety and efficacy of mixing AZ with Pfizer. Those of us traveling to America in the coming months could try this and I seriously considered it.

Theoretically, mixing vaccines should be safe and lead to better efficacy (because one is an adenovirus and the other is mRNA). Unfortunately, clinical results won’t be released until the summer so we won’t know for sure until then.

Is that right? My (possibly incorrect) understanding of vaccines is that they don’t necessarily target the same epitope(s) of the antigen(s), such that mixing vaccines likely wouldn’t produce the intended booster effect in the subsequent dose.

I’d go with Pfizer because AZ 2nd jab for me was scheduled for June 22, so if you get the AZ jab, you won’t have time to get the 2nd shot before you go.

And indeed, if you’re gonna be in the US for 5 weeks, you may come back to Taiwan too late to get it–I’m no maths guy, but I think that 5 weeks will take you even beyond what the UK is giving people their 2nd jab.

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It’s funny, as you were typing this, my wife and I were having that exact conversation. Should I just get 1 AZ with the knowledge that I might never get the second jab (even if I stayed here I might not get the second jab as the hospital is saying there is no guarantee on that front) and take the protection that provides, and then go get the Pfizer jabs and get the protection that provides.

I don’t think his point is regarding a booster affect, merely that if you are (for example) 70% covered with one and 95% with the other, you should be even more covered with both.

First google hit:

I would definitely wait with the mixing until there is an official statement/study/recommendation is out. Plus you might get refused to receive a shot in the US if you already took a first dose somewhere else.


That’s my plan. Don’t really have a choice unless the US starts distributing AZ soon.

Well, if you take them in different countries there’s no way for the vaccinating authorities to know this unless you volunteered this information to them.

For example, I could take a selfpay AZ in Taiwan this week, free Pfizer in the United States 8 weeks from now, and another dose of Pfizer 3 weeks after that…three shots instead of two.

They should release the stats of the side effects of eating bad food in numerous night markets, air pollution and compare to the vaccine side effects probability.


By booster effect I’m referring to the second dose of a two-dose course, which I think is the topic of discussion?

I know

As I said, I don’t think that’s his point. His other posts since that seem to indicate this as well.