Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - July/August 2021

Good on CDC for learning from mistakes to be honest and purchasing aggressively for next year.


Yes, they learned. And I think just barely averted a huge disaster. Still not 100% in the clear but things are looking good and most definitely much better than a month or so ago.

It’s been fun reading this thread. It seems the gloom and doom for Taiwan folks have left it.


There’s no light without darkness, my friend.

Was there a point when the discussion turned from “we just need to get 70% of people vaccinated” to “booster shots in 2023 and beyond”? If so, I don’t remember it…

I’m not surprised by booster shots ultimately becoming necessary – that’s been predictable since early last year (or the discovery of evolution) – but with that tweet it seems a little like them definitely being needed for years has just been suddenly slipped into the conversation.


They’re just striking while the fear is still high, getting those contracts signed ASAP to lock in profits for future years. It will all be promoted as ‘essential’ and ‘voluntary.’

I got my first does of AZ yesterday morning. Felt fine all the way up till about 7pm last night. Then I started having some symptoms. Fever, cold chills, loss of appetite, headache, dizzy, sore arm, vomiting, tired but couldn’t fall asleep at all. Started taking the medicine they gave me at that time as well and took it every 4 hours afterwards. The medicine didn’t start working until around 6am today. So, I just laid there all night couldn’t sleep and feeling like crap. Temperature maxed out at 39.3°C. I was debating at what temperature I should go to the hospital if it would have kept climbing.

Feeling okay this morning. Still have a headache and a sore arm.


Well it’s the situation that has changed from what was quite terrible just weeks ago.

And also many Americans and Taiwanese Americans scarpered off to America and the digital nomads types ran off as well ,not a bad choice really.

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Who is locking in profits? You mean the Taiwan government is helping Moderna to lock in profits? Not sure what conspiracy is being referred to here. And booster shots won’t need to be promoted. When vaccinated folks start getting the virus or variants, this will be the sign that booster shots are necessary. I will then consider them essential and will voluntarily sign up. Unless, of course, you mean the vaccines were made that way to ensure that eventually the virus spreads among the vaccinated. That’s possible, of course.


Contained and at the same time lots of luck with the vaccines. I’m definitely breathing a sigh of relief.

I wonder what numbers we’re actually speaking of. I know of only one person (a dual citizen) who headed to the US for the J&J vaccine. Back in Taiwan now.

We are not in the clear.

Im still peeved with the lack of ownership from the government though.


Thinks are looking much better for the higher-risk groups, anyway.


If it’s any consolation, I had similarly rough symptoms and I felt fine about 48 hours after being vaccinated. Sure you’ll be back to 100% soon enough!


Guess I lucked out, just some lower back pain and fatigued for a day. Non of the ugly symptoms.

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The pharmaceutical companies.




Inject them into people’s arms. And donate them to other countries if there are too many left over after everyone has been fully vaxed.


As of the vaccination report released today with yesterday’s figures on it, 24.9% of Taiwan’s population are (partially or fully) vaxed. That means that by now, fully 1 out of 4 are vaxed. There’s been about 1 million vaccinations being administered every 4 to 5 days.

1% of the adult population are fully vaccinated. I expect to see this figure rise rapidly soon, since we’re about 70 days past the first vaccination rush.


I’m a member!


Just over 6m have had one shot, of which just over 200k have had 2 shots.
There would be about 2.7m on hand right now, so that will be all gone in about 2 weeks unless there are more arrivals.


Then, after the Slovakian (unofficial) Carpathian Lynx, I’d love to see also the official Czech state animal on the “Thank You” stickers: a crowned, Double-Tailed lion.

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That sounds like a lion story, twice told. :slightly_smiling_face: