Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - July/August 2021

I posted this in the info only post, but I’m reposting here because I know we have had a few posters in this thread asking about vaccination without NHI cards.

The CECC said at today’s press conference that foreigners without NHI will be able to register for vaccination starting on 8/6. Instructions are included in the below link for the three different categories of foreigners.


What are you saying?

He wants to manufacture Novavax in Taiwan

There are some sources that says anyone over 50 can now register their preferred vaccine for their second shot. Both my parents are over 65, and when I entered them into the system, the system says they would have to wait until at least Sep 13.

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My partner and I are both 65+ and we registered for #2 yesterday via the 1922 site. Shot #1 was done on July 14 and it says #2 will be from 22 September.

Still doesn’t make him a villain. If he had any evil plan in mind he wouldn’t have donated 500 M vials of Pfizer.

The CECC further pointed out that mixing vaccines is not available at present

. Individuals in the top three priority groups and pregnant women are considered to be eligible to receive their second dose of the Moderna vaccine 28 days after their first shot, and other individuals are considered eligible to receive a second dose at an interval of 10 to 12 weeks between their two doses.

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I dont know what you are talking about. Who said he is a villain

I thought you were replying to my post. Perhaps that’s a misunderstanding.

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How long is the wait list for Moderna? I see I can register for it before August 2nd.

Do certain jobs have preference or is it a simple waiting list of first come first serve.

Unless it is your second shot, we don’t know.

For a first shot of Moderna, it’ll depend on the delivery schedule (no details yet) as well as where you fit in the priority sequence (oldest to youngest, not first come first serve).

Some basic details from Audrey here:


An interesting comparison for your perusal:

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Those cookiebandit / NY Times / Yahoo News numbers for AZ in Taiwan are way out of whack, best ignore them. Thats what happens when numbers get passed from one source to another - they change!!

But I get the drift, it seems that South Korea has its own Vaccine problems, and thats even with an AZ Manufacturing facility in SK.

Yeah that Cookiebandit seems to have a history of posts shilling for the government with dubious logic and numbers.

Korea has received 25 million shots which is enough for 48% of the population to receive one shot

Taiwan has received 3.84 million which is enough for less than 16% to receive a single shot. Most of Taiwan’s vaccines have been handouts


Also I think it’s in bad taste for someone based in California with access to all the vaccines they want to be gushing over Taiwan’s vaccine situation.


it may be by age.

Zhuang Renxiang said that the fifth round of appointment does not rule out the provision of a small amount of Modena vaccine, provided that no new AZ vaccines have arrived in Taiwan temporarily, leaving little domestic vaccines. No matter which brand vaccines are supplied in the fifth round, I hope that the next few days AZ vaccine or Modena vaccine can arrive again this week.

Will registration be on the same website? For those with ARC but no NHI? Where can I find more details.

I won’t name him here, but what about a certain Forumosa poster who fit that bill exactly, who had the audacity to try to start a #taiwancanwait hashtag in regards to our vaccine situation?


Yes, registration will be on the same website. You will likely have to wait a few days for more details.

I’m a foreigner without NHI and was just able to register for the vaccine! Wow. Website already updated. That was fast! :flushed:


So I guess I’ll be able to register my two teenagers when BioNTech is available. :+1:
Speaking of registration, now that I’m registered I just wait for an SMS message right? I’m in the born before 1983 group.

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