Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

And the 14+7 day quarantine when you get back to Taiwan.

I mean I’m already in a “+” state. I think I leave my home to go to the corner 7/11 once every two days for 5-10 minutes.


I was gonna say … the 14+7 day quarantine no longer seems that big a deal, since it’s not so far removed from what we’ve got now anyway. Zero difference for my teaching at the moment. I’d just be stuck ordering groceries.


I meant that I would be residing at my folks’ house (as opposed to staying at a hotel), not confining myself there.

There are several companies and mostly med tech conglomerates, not mama’s boys playing soldier.

Did I touch a nerve? Ouch ouch.

When I think of Covid being “completely solved”, my definition is that it has been mitigated to the point where it is no longer a greater threat than the seasonal flu. In such a case, it would continue to exist, but there would be no need for restrictions. Kind of like how the pandemic of 1918-1920 “ended”, despite the virus still existing.


You will probably be waiting years for that day if that’s your criteria on a global basis.

hahahaha… :ok_hand:

Not really. The Spanish Flu was far worse than Covid, and it lasted two years. Vaccine production will continue to increase, and already 2 billion people have been vaxed.

We’re already over a year into this pandemic and the end is nowhere in sight for many parts of the world.

The world in 2020 wasn’t the world in 1918. We have many things on our side, namely vaccines.
But we also have higher population, denser cities, international air travel.

Also, the Spanish Flu was a different type of virus than sars cov 2 (influenza vs. coronavirus). They don’t mutate in the same way, hit the same people worst, etc. We don’t know how long natural and vaccine induced immunity will last, whether boosters will be needed, etc.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if vaccine passports, testing requirements, and border controls exist for years to come, even in places that are highly vaxxed.

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Taiwan does not have the capability to produce mRNA vaccines. AZ or J&J would make more sense.


1100607 COVID-19疫苗日報表.pdf

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Good Heart Liver Clinic was vaccinating privately

That bogus clinic is now dealing with the police.

I’d imagine harsh punishment—and not leniency—awaits to deter this kind of bullsh&t in the future.


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On a happier note, Moderna vaccines have apparently started to be administered today:



Can see this kind of stuff in small, rural clinics with little oversight, but Taipei city?!

you should ask: “What else COULD I do as a mere citizen with no extra money to spare?” Other than to plead the government to expedite the EUA process? Well sure, I could fly my family to a foeriegn country and get vaccinated, and that’s the plan we’re working on. I’m not like GUO who has a lot of legal support and money in his pocket and could just “contact” BNT to get a contract. Hell thy probably won’t even read my email.

What would I have done if I were the government? I would get that 3M vaccine from BNT from the beginning. And make sure that all the firewalls are functioning properly, I’d check and test the hotels and the flight crews, and get them vaccinated from he very beginning.

What would I do if I were the government now? First, I wouldn’t make up so many lousy excuses. If there were a vaccine shortage, I would tell people there were a shortage, not using some “authorization” as an excuse. I would sign that freaking three party contract. I would tell people that we are working on the vaccines instead of telling local governments to get their own vaccines and then mock them afterwards because they can’t get them, and the only way to get them is through the central government. And I would issue the EUA to Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. And I would NEVER tell people to get vaccinated with a vaccine that hasn’t even passed phase 2x. And I would NEVER ask anyone to get vaccinated with a vaccine that’s not even passed phase 3 examination. And I would give a speech regarding our current situation as a president, and leave the stock market alone. That’s not something a president should meddle with.

I don’t mind if you have some sympathy for the government, but clearly this government is far from perfect. I didn’t pay the tax so that I have to do all the things myself as a citizen. Asking me what do I do now is not helping the situation.


Heads up! The Taiwan authorities have released their revised vaccination priority list (as shown in the graphic below).

If any of you or any people you know are 75 and up (or if you are Indigenous and 65 years and up), you will be eligible for vaccination starting next Tuesday June 15.

Baby steps forward . . .