Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

Yeah, its a ridiculous comment, but I just see it as a coping mechanism for some people in a crisis. People have a lack of agency in the situation so try to overcompensate by protecting the government.

Factually, Taiwan is behind pretty much every similar economy in terms of vaccine procurement. Korea vaccinated over 800,000 people yesterday and is on course to have 70% of its population vaccinated by the end of the August and has surplus vaccines for second doses. We are not going to really start until September and are still uncertain if the domestic vaccines will be ready in that time.

Thats the most similar economy to Taiwan and its biggest competitor and it will be at least four months ahead in getting back to normal. The whole thing is objectively a disaster.

Shouting abuse or getting angry isnt needed, but people have a right to be annoyed and you are completely right that the government should be honest about the situation. If there isnt proper discussion into why these things happen and governments are not made accountable, then they just happen again.


It says Level 7 includes teachers. Would that include us poor ESL teaching saps? (Follow up: it also says “up to highschool level”… does that mean uni instructors are excluded?)

Postsecondary teachers are not included in this level.


Dammit… seems very unfair to give to some teachers, and not others. And illogical.


Really not surprised. The vaccines are like gold now. I expect more of this.

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They got caught didn’t they?


Didn’t they get fined 2 million?

I’ve never thought of it this way. It actually makes me feel better. Thank you.

I believe criticism towards what’s done wrong during this period is necessary, also is acknowledgement towards what’s done right.

We are all just trying to survive here. I’ll try to have more empathy for such comments from now on…

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It’s not mandatory education.

I’m more surprised at the fact that they thought they wouldn’t get caught the way they’re doing it lol

2 mil may be nothing, but they are canceled NHI contract, which might be something.

Today there was an update to the NHI app. Covid-19 vaccine appointment menu is in.
It is still disabled.

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What do I search for in Google play store? Could you please post that so I can copy/paste.

Thanks in advance.

Edit…I found it. Searched NHI Taiwan. Haha

I’m pretty sure it’s this app: 全民健保行動快易通

Here’s the link to Android/Apple store.


Apple: ‎在 App Store 上的「全民健保行動快易通 | 健康存摺」


Medigen is going to announce the results of its phase II trial tomorrow after the stock market closes.



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My question is. : will local Taiwanese made vaccines be ever valid to get Europe green pass and travel freely? I guess not, considering WHO stance towards Taiwan. My main reason to get vaccnated is to be free to travel again to the West!

As you wrote. Probably not.
This decision will not be made by the WHO but EMA.

Hmmn…. Hope I’m reading too much into it, but “after stocks close” doesn’t instill confidence.

That depends …
Do you want confidence in your investment or a vaccine.