Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

Chen said if the authorization letter would come from Fuson, Taiwan would not accept it, iiuc.

lucky in my building they have a couple of nurses and health workers come in once a week, giving out advice flu shots, basic heath checks etc.
The complex it quite big and over 50% are retired, who ever set it up did a good job as they run it more of a social event so people are more relaxed and can talk more freely.

Then I see the information the elders in the family get, and as you say its worrying. all I can do is talk to the ones who’s respect I have earned and will listen to sense, hoping they will pass it on to the others. To be honest, some I don’t even try to correct as I know this will have the opposite affect.

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While I can imagine the sort of bizarre crap the oldies gossip about as fact, I don’t see how this is really any different from the bizarre crap that the average man in the street believes and talks about. Taiwan is a deeply superstitious society and they’re all absolutely convinced (for example) that masks are a magic impenetrable shield against the virus and that someone who goes out into the hills to walk their dog without a mask will kill thousands of people.

Ultimately these guys have the right to live and die as they choose, and it’s nobody’s business except their own. And in any case, the average old person who dies this year is 90%+ likely to die of ordinary old-people stuff, not COVID (yes, I know I’ll get a load of people howling “misinformation!” at that statement, but it’s true nonetheless*). Get vaccinated; don’t get vaccinated - it makes very little difference to one’s life prospects, even at 80+. Particularly at 80+.

Also: if the rumours are to be believed, all old people keel over and die within hours of catching the virus anyway, so it’s not like they’re adding any burden to the healthcare services.

*EDIT: I’ll add some facts to forestall the inevitable to-and-fro:

  • In the UK, 71,000 older people (age 70+) died “of or with COVID” during 2020, representing 84% of total declared COVID deaths. 13% of the population are over 70, ie., about 9m people; so 0.8% of older people died of-or-with COVID during that year.
  • Over the same period, all-cause mortality in over 70s was 484,000 deaths, representing 79% of all deaths. Of those, some will have been partially or entirely ascribed to COVID; if we assume (although it cannot possibly be true) that all 71,000 COVID deaths involved nothing but COVID, then a maximum of 15% of older people who died in 2020 died of COVID.
  • In a typical year, 50,000 people die of some kind of respiratory disease; of those, about 40,000 will be in the older age group.
  • If we pick out one particular age-group - say, 75-79 (3.4% of the population, or 2.2m people) we find that 65,000 died in 2019; in 2020, 77,000 died, with 11,500 declared “of or with COVID” (caution: these raw figures are not adjusted for population size or demographics). In other words, one’s risk of all-cause mortality at age 75-79 was ~2.9% in 2019, and ~3.3% in 2020, representing a relative risk increase of ~15% (that’s about the same RR attributed to eating “processed meat”). It is highly unlikely that something different will happen in Taiwan.
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Mayor Ko kicking up a fuss again I suppose. Complains that information is not being evenly shared between counties/cities.

Maybe Mayor Ko should tune in and take note of this, vaccinate people where they live instead of relying on household registration address:

2nd dose vaccination brought up again.

Ko reminds me of Cuomo the way he’s making the pandemic about himself and using it to build his profile. And also shooting off at the mouth too much.


maybe a bunch of women will accuse him of sequel assault soon

I think the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise is guilty of that crime!


Think you’re an order of magnitude out there.

I don’t think so, but I’ll double-check.

EDIT: I got those numbers from the 2011 census on the assumption that the age structure hasn’t changed much. The figure is now about 9m over-70s, not 6m. So 13% of the population. If anything, though, it reinforces the point being made (ie., the fraction of older people who died in 2020 “of or with” COVID was sub-1%).

All I’m disputing here is the relentless meme that older people are at vastly increased risk of dying because of COVID, and that therefore they are stupid for sitting around playing mahjong maskless and avoiding their vaccination slot. Even in a worst-case scenario, the meme is false. Their additional all-cause risk is so small that it’s hard to ascertain with any accuracy, so deciding not to get vaccinated or to “take precautions” is not entirely unreasonable. I’ve tried to spell this out in detail because (a) it’s counterintuitive and (b) it directly contradicts the fount of all truth (Facebook and YouTube) and will therefore raise some hackles.


Apparently their method of certification doesn’t meet medical standards. This rushing thru of local vaccines doesn’t makes sense.

I wish I could goto kinmen, and have a Chinese boat give me the vaccine in their waters.

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You could fly to Kinmen and then take the boat now. The airports are still open for business.

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BTW, Chen already responded to that and said that even though FOSUN are the distributor, from recent talks, they expect wont disturb the purchase 上海復星稱「台灣買BNT疫苗只能透過我」 陳時中回應了 | 急需疫苗救疫情 | 要聞 | 聯合新聞網

Good job for Gou and Chen for making this happen, if it happens.


Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, but fingers crossed from me as well. I don’t care if Gou has some ulterior motives as some have suggested… he’d still be a hero in my books if he got 5 million Pfizer doses imported.


Yeah donating 5 million vaccines to Taiwan from your own pocket is admirable, whatever way you look at it


Not to mention going through the convoluted application process which sounds like a bureaucratic nightmare.

Well was watching 年代向錢看 and someone involved in the industry was giving an explanation. Basically when you purchase vaccines, its not like purchasing masks. There are a lot of things that need to be agreed both sides for purchase to happen. For example Biontech can only see to countries with the proper refrigeration supply chain. Taiwan has excellent companies for that, but the CDC needs to arrange conversations between Biontech and those companies and exchange of information before they can have an agreeement.

When you purchase vaccines, you get a heap of info on the testing results of that batch and everything else. Normal procedure would be for local officials to go through all that and check. If Taiwan buys from FOSUN, the worry is that they wont get that information or because of the lack of trust between the straits, what they get is not trustworthy. Thats why it has to come direct from the manufacturer. Normally there wouldnt be that kind of problem with a distributor and they wont stop you connecting with the original manufacturer.

So thats why its so complex. Again, hats of to Gou and Chen for putting in the effort

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Defend what? The current situation is a shitshow. Why would I defend something I don’t agree with?

I except Sinovac, that’s just a dumb vaccine. Everything else you mentioned I agree with.

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Yeah China is at war with Taiwan, cant buy vaccines from there. So far the Chinese vaccines are not good as well

I think it’s the reverse. Taiwan is at war with China with the vaccine situation. Won’t recognize a vaccine because it’s Made in China, which has already passed WHO recognition. I wonder how that would play out far into the future when the world starts traveling in droves again.

Taiwanese State cannot buy vaccines from a private Chinese company or a state owned company. Its a non-discussion

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