Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

Yeah. So for people who are currently in Taiwan, getting vaccinated in the US isn’t “free”. That’s all I’m saying.

See @wingedpant ? Nothing has changed… Japan AZ deal is still on. If the Japanese PM is openly discussing it, I can’t see them going back on it now (that’d be a massive loss of face for everyone involved).


I don’t see Japan giving up just because China said so… Also Japanese culture don’t give up easily… as GI’s found out in WWII.

that got me to laugh out loud :+1:

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?.. I think vaccinations are not free nor freely available ‘in the US’. Some states offer them according to your residence, and some states do not offer them unless you are a US citizen and you reside in that state, and some are free, but each state has a different policy.

Pfizer/Moderna vaccines are free to anyone who shows up at a vax site here in Oregon. ID isn’t even required. PCR tests are also free and easy to get. I had one done at Walgreen’s in the drive thru.


In CA, they are free to all regardless of immigration status or residence.

After having been approached by the Buddhist group, Johnson & Johnson said it would not directly supply vaccines to third parties, only through governments and bodies like the European Union.

As a result, the Taiwanese government’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said it had already talked to the BLIA twice and would provide the necessary assistance, CNA reported.

Another one where you wonder why the government wasn’t talking to J&J in the first place?


Taiwan government bureaucrats/officials have fingers in their ears and going “nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Are you willing to travel there via LAX?

As long as the tourist circuit is closed, that will likely be your route.


Sure. I believe there are a few states with a similar policy, but it’s not all of the USA and I meant to make that clear.

Is there an official list of the different policies of the states, or maybe just one that lists states with no restrictions on residency, or a list of states that disregard nationality?

(but map is as of April so some things will have changed in the meantime)

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@noWhiners , please critique each state on the positives and negatives of their vaccine policy. I’d be interested in your views. Take your time…

Thank you; no - but do please take your time on a discourse about government, statehood, and The People Shall Judge. :wink:

I will assess the situation when it becomes possible. Maybe they’ll have direct flights by then.

Over half a million have now received at least one shot in Taiwan according to the vax chart. Not that much, but not nothing.


Although not really meaningful, I always compare vaccinations to the total number of COVID cases. At least this gives the feeling that by that metric, we’re winning against the virus! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I still say it’s time for Taiwan to play hardball. Ford, for any help you can give in Taiwan procuring vaccines, we will make sure you have the microchips you need.

But now that the cat has no bag, the only way to get the kitty back in is through mass vaccination. I think that’s the lesson from looking at other countries.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to socialize the production capabilities of private companies even in times of crisis…