Correct translation for "wholesale"

I am calling some factories in Taiwan and other SE Asian countries, most are Chinese or Taiwanese owned even not in China or Taiwan.

Can anyone confirm that the word wholesale is 批發- pi fa?

Would I say 我要批發買"XXX"?

量販 is another word for wholesale.

In your sample sentence, I think I would say


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Doesn’t think sound weird approaching a factory?

Would “我想批量購買xxx” better?

And as for B2B transactions, 單據 is better for invoice right? Not 發票

I really want to take some classes on business Chinese. It’s really lacking.

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Pi fa is right. When discussing with new co tacts I would.make a conversation slughtly different. intoduce your company, then djschss specific items and their pi fa jia ge (wholesale price).

Asking directly to give you wholesale price quotes without any foreplay is iffy here. Companies are often VERY paranoid…


Shit. I would also suggest writing in a computer and spell check :confounded: