Corruption in Taiwan


How serious is corruption in Taiwan?


How serious is your question?


As serious as any where else in the world.

But in Taiwan they don’t call it corruption, they call it guanxi!


How serious can a question be from someone that joined an hour ago and the first post is only a vague six word question?


Yeah some people don’t make an effort so why bother answering.


It’s a good question, no matter who’s asking. :2cents:

That doesn’t mean I’m going to answer it, though… :whistle:


Corruption in taiwan is pretty corrupt, and serious.


Maybe the OP is Jason Pan.


Still most corruption here is at a higher level, albeit wrong. Philippines is so much worse. Guy gets a false 2000 Peso fine from Police…receipt er…no.


Do we count as “China”/?:thinking:


Goldman Sachs and/or certain employees are sheeting bricks over this scandal as the firm and those employees helped set up the fund.


"This plot of land had been illegally occupied by the local chapters of the criminal gangs for many years, from which they operated lucrative funeral services businesses and a number of Taipei city councilors have allegedly been involved in shielding the illicit operations from the police, the report said.

“The city government had for some time tried to dismantle the illegal structures constructed by these businesses, workers were met by Taipei city councilors and their representative, who protected the businesses and stopped the operation …”

Even funeral business is in the hands of organized crime! And city councilors are involved?



What about police departments getting bribes from gangster owned adult KTVs?


Honestly… how lazy are you?
Or are your crumb trails leading back to you truly being Jason Pan.
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Police officer sentenced to eight years for corruption