Cory Booker 2020


Drugs planted into those communities by the CIA , to keep black people down


Now you’re veering into conspiracy theory territory.


Lol. There’s not a single person from Newark that would tell you things improved under booker.

The only people keeping blacks down in Newark is blacks. Killing each other for nothing, selling drugs to their own community, destruction of the nuclear family.

The first time I was there was 2010 and by 2013 it just became so bad. Idk how this guy got elected with how Newark became.


Learn and Grow
Your judgment day is near


Have you been to Newark and know people there?

Btw, what do you think about Jews since your great truth teller is a known anti Semite.

I wish Louis Farrakhan would tell the truth about Mohammad being a black slave owner lol. That’s the people you want to follow?


that’s assuming he’d win the primaries. I give him 0% chance of becoming the dems candidate.


He has a chance given how bad their candidates are and they’ve killed any moderates on their side. One of their own was just exposed wearing a klan outfit and won’t resign lol. He’s literally getting less hate from the dems than the kid in a Maga hat. It’s a circus right now.


My guess is Hillary might stake out the moderate ground.


Very good Video Brasd…but Do you know when is Donal trump is leave the position ?


He’s from Newark. He was mayor of Newark. He is senator from New Jersey though returns to Newark on a regular basis. He’s been campaigning for Newark, literally, his entire life…though it remains a shithole.

Imagine what he could do for the rest of the country.


If someone couldn’t make Newark not be a shithole, it doesn’t really tell us a heck of a lot.


Who’s the one making his candidacy about race? Projection much?

Ralph Northam

Newark and Jersey City are both much better cities than people think. I’m glad they’re keeping this undeserved rep, as buying a home there will be easier.


Cory Booker - and every other Democrat candidate, too.

Is this not obvious by now?


A lot of things have become obvious about the cognitive biases of most of the posters on this thread, that’s for sure.


Fortunately you can always open your mind, and learn. Your salvation is at hand, grasp it.


I’d say the draconian war on drugs and Chris Christie have a lot to do with it as well.

They don’t mind big government when it’s dumping billions to incarcerate minorties on taxpayer money. And don’t seem to mind criminals, so long as they look like Chris Christie does.


Maybe not ALL about race, but definitely mostly about race.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is running for president on a plan to give newborn babies savings accounts worth tens of thousands for when they turn 18, a suite of criminal justice reforms and policies to enact “climate justice,” including a “Green New Deal” to confront climate change, according to his policy aides.

Booker, who announced his presidential bid Friday, will also campaign on a pilot program to create a federal jobs guarantee, a plan to stop anti-competitive hiring practices and monopolies, and a refundable housing credit program that would aim to help Americans struggling to pay rent.

[Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey joins the 2020 presidential race]

Booker’s sweeping criminal justice reform plans include legalizing marijuana, reducing workplace discrimination against those who have been convicted of crimes, giving federal money to areas the government determines were most hurt by the war on drugs, and improving the treatment of incarcerated women, among a host of other policies, aides said.


There’s a lot of drugs on college campuses across America. Oddly, kids in Harvard dorms selling weed don’t get sent to jail on 20 year mandatory minimum charges. Kids in Urban areas do. Why would that be?


I have a more positive impression of Jersey City, but it doesn’t have the same set of problems. Maybe Newark has more going for it than I gave it credit for.