Cory Booker 2020


Booker’s “baby bonds” program is probably DOA, since it’s obviously about race.

That said, if it ever came to be, a next great investment would be in ways to separate young black Americans from their $50k as soon as it arrives. Something similar to the kinds of payday loan shops that haunt US military bases in the USA. I just don’t see that $50k lasting long when put up against the allure of gold and diamonds.


Jersey City is way better for sure. At this point anything on the PATH train is gentrifying rapidly tho, for better or worse depending on who you ask.


Frankly I think even Booker knows he’s unelectable in 2020. If he was serious about running he would have waited until the two big sharks in the Democrat party, Sanders and Biden, had made their plans public before throwing his hat in. If you’re really serious about a run you wait to throw in when likeliest heavyweights of your party throw in, not before.

More likely that Booker is marking his spot in the Democrat hierarchy. Their seniority system seems to value that.


As I have been saying there are some very far right people on this site who cannot stand the thought of anyone OTHER THAN whites and South East Asians have any advantages let alone equality. And although I am no fan of Trump it has to be said that the Clinton’s were even worse. Anyone who cannot see the link between the mass imprisonment of people of color, privatization of prisons and the ghettos being flooded with crack cocaine must be blind, dumb or racist. About time America has a non sell out black president.


They said Trump had no chance too. Just watch.and see. “The high will be made low and the low high”


What if they could not stop it from being more of a shit hole? It went downhill hard.


Maybe more importantly, what if they are forced to defend their record in Newark? What exactly did Booker strive for to keep Newark from falling behind? What votes did he make? What legislation did he sponsor? What legislation did he not support, and why?

Newark may be so bad that nobody can save it, but I think it’s valid to demand that Booker explain his role in Newark’s current situation. Because if he doesn’t explain it, he’s complicit in it.


Booker in 2016 seemed like a sane politician. Booker in 2019 is an overproduced, emotional child who stands for nothing. If he could forgo identity politics and forget trying to demonstrate he’s more #outraged and #furious than the next person, he could have a real shot.


Equality is not something that some people can have but not others.

An advantage is not something that everyone can share.


Lol. You are the only one to bring race up as the reason to vote. Don’t be a hypocrite.

I’ve never seen anyone here say vote for trump or anyone else for their race. You haven’t brought up any of the policies Booker support and literally made this all about race.

And you haven’t answered me about Louis Farrakhan. He’s a racist with anti Semitic idea and hates white people. If you’re looking to him for answers, you’re even worse than I imagined.


“We are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us.”
— Malcolm X
Your own racism is evident in your silence over racist remarks or gestures made by some whites on this site, but your rabid responses to my positive support of my own people.
As for your question about Jews well my answer is “Why are you trying to bring Jews into this topic do you have an agenda?”


Have you been paying attention to his campaign rollout? The basic theme seems to be, “vote for me because I’m black.” Although the mainstream media is probably partially responsible for this emphasis.


I think Booker’s other theme is, look what I can do for you monetarily if you’re black!

His entire candidacy revolves around boilerplate Democrat racial identity imo.


I don’t support anyone based on race. I don’t care, I’m interested in the truth. You are the only one bringing up race as the reason to vote and race of other posters. What does the race of a poster have to do with anything?

If you’re going to use Louis Farrakhan, a person who has spewed really nasty anti Semitic rhetoric, it’s a fair question. And your silence on that subject is telling.


Are you being serious? The OP…


How is the topic of Jews relevant to this thread? The fact i know you are a SE Asian American means that you have mentioned your own race but claim I am the only one talking of race !


There’s a difference saying where I’m from to you saying vote for someone because they’re black.

If you’re going to use Louis Farrakhan, it’s fair to ask if you’re also anti Semitic. Which you haven’t answered


So Jews don’t get a voice when it comes to a presidential candidate…I see.

First they came for the Jews, and I didn’t say anything because I was not a Jew…

Brb, I’ll head on 4chan to look for some images that will fit the current theme of this thread.


The KKK are anti semetic , are you ?


No I’m not anti Semitic, what does the KKk have to do with me?