Cost of moving two AC units

Ok, I don’t know where to find out about this and my girlfriend got some crazy pricing, but we’re moving and we have a couple of the newer fancy AC units connected to one external unit, what would the cost be of having them taken down and moved to the property we’re moving to?
She said it would cost as much as getting a new AC setup in the new place which just sounds insane to me as the AC units we have, or at least a similar model costs over NT$50k and I can imagine that some new hoses and cables and a couple of hours of work can come to that much.

IME between 4-8000 NT in my neck of the woods.
Cable and pipes are extra…anywhere between 250-450 NT per meter.

We were quoted 5K for each including extra piping to move from one outside wall of the apartment to another outside wall

If they move the AC just be very clear about where the piping should and should not go. Make sure they don’t go diagonally across a wall or let ugly piping exposed

I’m not sure if was clear enough in my initial post, we’re moving from Taoyaun to Taipei and want to take the AC units with us. But in reality this shouldn’t cost more than about 10k then?
The new place have special covers and pre-made holes to put the hoses and cables through, so that won’t be an issue as they have to use them.

Don’t know.
But it seems you need:
Electrician to dismantle it
Mover to carry it out onto blue truck and transport to Taipei
Electrician to reinstall

I assume the AC installer is an electrician
If the mover needs to carry it down a couple of flights of stairs and back up, then it may cost a little more

Before you move the ACs, check if they are new-ish and in good condition

Buying a new AC with external heat exchanger/pump can be NTD3K per ping, with the heater function, it can be 4 or 5K per ping

They’re like a year and a half, as my girlfriend bought them new for this place, hence why we want to take them with us, as it feels like a waste to leave them here. But if it can’t be done in an economical way then we’ll see…