Cost of Warts removal in face and neck

Just want to ask if anybody here have remove their small warts in face and neck around taipei and new taipei and how much it cost.

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Should be free under NHI. Just walk into your nearest dermatologist and ask. Taipei has about 3000 dermatologists.


Under NHI, Far Eastern Hospital: 570NT will get you a consult with a dermatologist and a treatment session with liquid nitrogen.


is the treatment is free under NHI, my friend has a little more flat warts and she want to get rid off.

I go to a clinic whose fee is $200 (+ $100 registration the first time) and get seen by a dermatologist who treats them through cryotherapy. Other clinics I’ve been to seem to be the price and process.


Where is the clinic?

02 8772 6625
Google Maps Here!