Costco brings Black Friday to Taiwan

Let’s see if they can recreate the chaos in the USA.

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I’ll be sure to bring my brass knuckles. :sunglasses:

Did they have to bring stuff I hated about the US here!


No thank you! Costco is already an absolute madhouse on the weekends, I can’t even imagine the amount of chaos that most guaranteed will be happening!


reckon they have 4K tv’s 50% off?

When Costco in Nankan opened they gave away free lunchbox breakfasts as an opening incentive. There were so many people the main road had to be closed, they ran out of lunchboxes, fights broke out and the police had to get involved. That was over a freaking free lunchbox.

I guarantee someone is going to get hurt, or even killed.


If they announce 20% off for the Imei milk tea, it’s going to be a massacre.


Has anyone taken a look at the chaos at the department stores in their annual sales? You do not need to walk, you are carried away…or trampled.

Now imagine that at Costco. New Year fever sales with Costco discounts? Yep, if I was a Costco employee I’d be much concerned.

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That’s how the Zhongli store was. I read somewhere that the line was up to 2 km at one point! :scream:


Went to the water department in Kaohsiung last year, hoardes of people, mostly old, pushing and shoving to get a small $200 credit on their water bill for signing up for something free.

Taiwan doesn’t have the time is money concept :slight_smile:


My water bill is 200 NTD, I’d take it! :rofl:

I would too, I love free money but one look at that over an hour lineup would have me saying hell no

Now I’m starting to think how the parking garages at Costco for this event will be…

The Zhongli lot already gets filled on weekends. I don’t want to even think about how much madness will take place at this event!

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This is why I do my Christmas shopping online…

If they were smart, they will close off the parking lots for this.

You don’t want to share the Christmas spirit with a stampede of people on a shopping frenzy at Costco?

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