Costco in Kaohsiung

Hello people,

I know there’s a dedicated Costco thread, but my question is location specific.

I have never gone inside Costco so I don’t know what’s in there… what kind of produce can you buy there that’s not available elsewhere in Kaohsiung? Is it really worth getting a membership?


Seasonal imported Western fruits like fresh rasberries, blueberries, etc. Haas avocados, from California in the summer and New Zealand in the winter. I’d say you can get a lot of the produce sold at Costco from high end markets in Kaohsiung (like Jason’s in Hanshin dept. store), but at Costco they will be available in larger quantities and at a lower cost. They also have many non-produce items that are hard to find elsewhere, such as fresh baked western goods. Best to go in with a friend next time, and do some scouting to see if the membership cost is worth it for your requirements.

Thanks for the reply!

The produce does generally look nice at Costco but it’s a little pricy considering the quantities that you need to purchase. I neither need nor can I store a 1-2 month supply that most of the produce comes in. That’s not even considering that some of it would go bad. If you were a family of 4 then it would be a much different story.

Good advice from Wacow. Get in there and see if they have what you are looking for. I keep shelling out the 1200NT every year just for the bread, cheese, and tortillas. Then usually end up spending 5000NT a trip just browsing. Mostly in the liquor section.

Excellent lattes… perhaps the best in the southern 'wan (tied with the Tainan Costco, actually).

If you happen to have a membership from home…they should work here. From my experiance…they call a supervisor over and the manager overide for an international card is “7”…telling the clerck…“an chi” or push 7…worked for me every time.

I love costco for a bunch of reasons. Yes they are more expensive but they normally have lots of quality products they stand bhind with great warrenty. They also carried granville island beer first.

They carried Granville Island Beer–as in this:???

Do they sell maple syrup in the Kaiosiung costco?

I’ve never seen Granville Island Beer there, but they do carry a their own label (Kirkland) ales, which are good and reasonably priced.

I’ve been to 5 different Costcos in Taiwan, and the Kaohsiung branch near the port (just down from Ikea) was far and away the dankest, most poorly laid-out and downright dreadful branch I’ve ever been to. Go to any other branch if possible.

The old Costco in Kaohsiung (by IKEA) has a layout that just doesn’t work starting with the parking lot. The new costco works much better.

Costco has Kirkland maple syrup everytime I have been there.