Costco opens in China, goes how you’d expect

What’s a queue?


A queue is just a social construct, though.

Wtf were they doing with the pork?

Massaging it, helps with tenderness when you cook it?

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i thought they hate america and all america things?? whats going on!

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Costco even recognizes Taiwan as a country lol.

When they come to Hk as tourists they don’t queue too!

big hespect to costco.

In news Costco had to close early on the first day of opening!

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Lol “had to close early because of overcrowding”

more like “had to close early because china”


!remindme in 1 year

Costco officially recognizes Taiwan as a province of china after opening 30 warehouses and not being able to withstand economic pressure from the ccp.

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The Chinese Costco labels pineapple cakes from Taiwan as being from “中國台灣”.

Okay I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here. Were there any full on fist fights?

It’d be bigger news if they hadn’t done so.


Pork was 8 times cheaper at Costco than any other place. Remember what I told you about the pork crisis in China? Prices are already going up due to the African swine fever.

I mean, they literally couldn’t wait for the doors to open but forced their way in by lifting the metal doors. That beyond not cuing.

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They were just helping to open the doors, that is all.

but still, the evil foreign powers are subverting hong kongnese to go against their mainland brothers and sisters. i guess chinese can put the current issues of the day aside to do some shopping then.

Hopefully they don’t start ‘free food samples’! Lines will be endless!

It’s China don’t worry about the line, just walk to the front and get what you want.


so are you telling me when they do that to me in Taipei are Chinese undercover and not Taiwanese? :astonished:

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that’s how you find the spies