COSTCO surveillance systems any good?

Someone stole some chicken from our garden today, so the plan is to install either barbed wire or a surveillance system, maybe both. I had an offer from a local vendor for a four camera 720p analog system with high quality coax and a 1TB DVR for NT$18000. Install by myself.

COSTCO also has systems, usually one on sale with a coupon. Has any of you good/bad experience with their systems? Are they worth the money, or am I better of with a local vendor and local service?


That’s a lot of chicken.

Buy some fake or old cameras and wire them around your house.

Use and old laptop and some cheap usb cams to monitor some area.

Xiaomi has a pretty good quality 720p surveillance camera going for NT$999. It is wi-fi enabled, so you can access the feed on your cellphone from anywhere. It needs to be plugged into power to work, and has a pretty good night-vision mode. Motion-detect enabled so you get notifications on your phone.

To broaden your options, there’s a surveillance camera shop on the 3rd (or 4th) floor of the Guang Hwa Digital Plaza (the old building). They have everything from dash cams to household surveillance equipment.

Good luck!

I know it’s a lot of chicken, but more important is that someone entered our walled garden and took something that belongs to me. We live at the end of an alley, so not many eyes around.

From the garden and chicken I think you can deduct we don’t live in the Taipei area. A Guanghua visit happens maybe once a year, so that is no option. We have specialized shops here, too, but COSTCO is cheaper, if their stuff is good quality wise. I don’t want wireless, so Xiaomi is no option. Cheers.