Costco Thread 2021

My most recent find was the huge ass jugs of maple syrup at Neihu store.

I couldn’t justify buying that big of a container of maple syrup though…

What’s going on with Cheese? Taichung Costco (the old one) was all out of cheese yesterday. By cheese I mean sandwhich type cheese. There was no slided cheese at all (cheddar, Havarti, sorted packs they normally do, Arla options) and there was also no blocks of this type of cheese in the cabinets. There was shredded cheese but that’s it.

Not a good start for 2021. Id rather take Covid than no cheese :slight_smile:

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It keeps forever. We just always have a bottle in the fridge. But I’ve been going through it faster since I started making my own granola.

Depends how often you have pancake / waffle / french toast breakfasts. If it’s very often, you’re going to spend a fortune on those tiny bottles of maple syrup other supermarkets sell.

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We make pancakes maybe once every two months and because we have limited stock, my syrup use is rationed. Otherwise, I really go to town on my pancakes. I think we found a high value syrup from one of the intl grocery stores, but still can’t really be compared to that Costco price/volume.

I still rely on the Costco Nature Valley bars. I’ve tried the other Baked Oaty Slices and Granloa Oat Bars and they just nothing like the Nature Valley bars.

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Wait, you mean you don’t have the pancakes floating in the syrup, like dumplings in soup?! What an odd way to eat them.

I use the syrup to make granola for cereal, not granola bars. After coming out of the oven, sure, it’s in a (super-giant) bar stage, but way too crumbly to be used as a bar later. Which, now that I think about it, should perhaps make me a touch concerned about whatever binding agents are used to hold those things together.

The Nature Valley ones are totally fine for cycling, although somewhat stupidly and expensively I persist in using Clif bars ordered from iHerb. Actually, I think most of the Nature Valley bars I eat are from the earthquake etc. emergency bag: my to-do list reminds me every year to swap in a new supply.

I really miss Clif bars, hoping one day Costco brings those in. I usually eat Clif bars and bloks for my cycling supplements.

Is there a cheese deficiency at all the Costco outlets these days? I was at Neihu yesterday and it’s offerings are still really slim pickings. Is it just Neihu? Can anyone report from other outlets about the state of cheese?!

D’oh! Sorry, missed your post. I guess it is a bit of an island-wide Costco supply problem at the moment.

This Tequila Anejo 100% Blue Agave is maybe the smoothest tequila I have ever remembered tasting.


Does anyone know if Costco (neihu) sell hot dogs frozen pack?

The only ones I’ve seen in Beitou for a while are Futong ones.

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Neihu (I was at just a few days ago), and the other branches I’m assuming, in summer had regular size and jumbo size Kirkland ones, the imports. But they are long gone now. And they weren’t frozen, only refrigerated.

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I was at Neihu about 3 weeks ago and no hot dogs. A bunch of different chicken nuggets though.

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I asked, they said restocking will be on 5th January (for TPE stores )

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Guandu had the usual commodity quality cheeses yesterday. Kirkland cheddar, Kirkland colby-jack, some various sliced types. I didn’t see the enormous 5kg blocks of commodity mozzarrella this time.

Still no good quality cheeses, unless you count the Kirkland parmesan.

Taichung old costco was pretty well back to normal today. I’m happy.

Not happy though that the two people I saw in there without masks were both westerners. Don’t really understand how it can be so hard to follow the local rules.

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Good cheese is lacking…and processed cheese is taking its place.

Which is the best Costco? I’ve been to Neihu which is extremely crowded and the selection is poor. Xizhi, guandu, and zhonghe are good. Definitely not going to Taoyuan!

The Costco that is nearest to you. I haven’t seen enough of a difference to justify going farther though the new location in Taichung is supposed to be the largest.


The Guandu one is only ten minutes of walking from an MRT station. If you don’t have a car, that makes a big difference; last time I checked, all the other branches required a bus transfer, although maybe newer branches or MRT lines have made that less of an issue.

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