Costs of immunizations

My girlfriend (a foreigner in Taiwan) plans to volunteer in India and needs to be immunized for a long list of things, including Hep A, B, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, and possibly MMR. We’ve been rummaging through forums and various websites, but can’t find any info (in English, at least) about any of these immunizations in Taiwan. Can anyone either tell me, from experience or knowledge, or share sources on how much these shots can cost? Any idea if any of them are covered by NHI?

The kids get immunized easily, so should adults. Take the list of requisite immunizations to any hospital and they’ll help you.

EDIT. She wasn’t immunized prior coming to Taiwan?? Not even for Hepatitis and Jap. Encephelitis? :ponder:

Hep A/B immunization will cost around 5100NT and it’s not covered by NHI. A shot on day one, another one a month later and a 3rd at 6 months. Jap Enceph… is another expensive one that people rarely get the immunization for because it’s rare to get but if it’s required then it’s required.

You might as well just go to the doctor here and get the price list from them (and then post them since others will be interested). When I got my hep AB shots I checked on here and the prices were within 100NT of the other postings on here. The only difference was that they liked to add several hundred dollars on to each visit because you saw a doctor. It was mentioned that there are community clinics (or similar) that don’t charge this fee.

just got Havrix Hep-A and Tetanus here in town, cost me $1800NT.