Could you be a hero?

That doesn’t sound very macho. :wink: I think there’s a big difference between saving a boy drowning and jumping in front of a “speeding” train.

No. Only if that something good goes hand and hand with something masculine. I suppose if someone came into the thread and said something like “Yes, I would. My countless years of martial arts training has turned me into a highly skilled warrior waiting for a chance to display my skills,” that might be a little macho.

But just exercising the thought of being a hero if a situation presented itself isn’t inherently macho… though now that I REALLY think about it, my countless years of martial arts trained has primed me for… :smiley:

That doesn’t sound very macho. :wink: I think there’s a big difference between saving a boy drowning and jumping in front of a “speeding” train.[/quote]

Exactly. Of course anyone who can swim will jump in to save the drowning boy. No brainer. And I’m the type to intervene to help – absolutely. But to jump in front of a moving train with a pretty good chance of getting killed in the process? Only for Dragonbabe.

Of course it depends on your own perception of the chance of success – if I think I can probably save the guy before the train arrives, that’s one thing, but to have the train miss you by 2" is another. If there’s a 40%+ chance of death? I think people who say they’d do that for a stranger may sound like they’re trying to come across as macho.

But you have the luxury of forethought; this guy admitted that he didn’t think it was heroic when he did it, but that it just seemed the right thing to do.

I really think it’s something you don’t know for sure unless - dog forbid - it actually happens.

And, BTW, if it were Dragonbabe down there and you jumped on top of her, she probably would have been better off with the train. :smiley: :wink:

:unamused: Aye-aye aye!

Why would that sound macho? If I say in the event I am confronted with a boy drawning in the pool, I surely would jump in and save him. Why would that be macho?
Is is macho to say that you would do something good?[/quote]

Well now, here’s the difference. I would have no second thoughts about jumping in to a pool to save a drowning boy. Hell, I used to get paid to do it. Difference is, I wouldn’t really be putting myself in danger. Now… if it were shark infested, I think it might be on a par with jumping onto a subway track.

OK, ok, the question was simply “could you be a hero?”
Who cares what the situation is? I gave the example of the boy in the pool, but it could be any situation really.

:unamused: Aye-aye aye![/quote]

He knows i’m joking; I think I’m heavier than he is. But Dragonbabe is so … svelte. :wink:

I think more people have it in them than realize it. I’ve been in a somewhat similar situation and my mind has never been more clear about what to do. Kinda hard to explain, but I think there’s either an instinct or a learned reaction that just takes over at a certain point.

Yeah, she’s just a wisp of a girl, and I’m … oh, never mind.

But I doubt you outweigh me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a hero twice. Officially. My mum has certificates to prove it and everything. But I wasn’t heroic. You assess a risk, take a chance and if you’re right you live and so does the other guy.