Counseling services that are NHI eligible

Does NHI cover counseling services at all?

I looked at The Center and while they charge on a sliding scale, they said I have to speak with their director to verify my income. I don’t know how to do that because I don’t really have a regular income…

So question is, because I can’t afford the 3000+ per session that they usually ask for, are there counseling services in Taiwan that I can use NHI for?

Psychiatry departments of major hospitals though many will probably lean towards pharmaceutical treatments than talk therapy if that’s what you want. You could browse specialties of doctors to see if they offer something that would be useful for you.

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社區心理諮商門診 at Taipei city hospital


Re: Hospitals prefer pharmaceutical treatment - I can confirm this is the case, at least in my experience.

I can recommend a doctor in Taipei (Wanfang Hospital, Psychiatry Dept.) who trained in the UK, and he might know the correct way to refer to these services. PM me if you (or anyone) wants more details.

What they said. Pills are the preferred solution. Various forms of counselling are available, but I believe there’s a time limit (10hrs?) and the quality of service is … variable.