Count your culinary blessings


A lot of us complain about food in the ROC. Sanitation might be a very legitimate concern, but here is a little article that might make you think twice about eating local instead of going into Mickey D’s for a comfort meal…

Is Chinese Food Healthy?


yes, if all americans had the diets of poor rural chinese farmers we’d be a lot healthier.


Yes, I’ve heard all that about Chinese food is so healthy for you. It’s not. I walk to work each morning and people are eating fried bread and eggs and noodles, etc. dripping in oil. My colleagues eat fried food every lunch - even the vegetables are glistening in oil, and the same for dinner. I’m sure that the quality of the oil is very dubious, not exacly as healthy virgin olive oil.

The top 10 healthiest nations do not include Taiwan or China, they are where the supposedly “rich” and “meaty” foods are served.

  1. Belgium
  2. Iceland
  3. Netherlands
  4. France
  5. Switzerland
  6. Austria
  7. Sweden
  8. Italy
  9. Norway
  10. Australia

I know this will include all other influences (e.g. health care, lack of pollution, etc.) but they always say “we are what we eat”.


I remember a few years back when a major instant noodle (pao mian) company was fined because they were using industrial lard in the little pouches of oil and seasonings that come with the dry noodles. Ever since, when faced with the unhappy prospect, I’ve eaten my pao mian without the added goop.

I am very happy that the 24 hr Welcome Supermarket on Anhe Road sells those DIY salad kits. It’s the only way I can get raw vegetables, it seems. They even have organic varieties! Sometimes dinner for me is a huge salad and half a bottle of wine. Now that’s living!


Actually, the people with the longest lifespans are: 1)Okinawa 2)Japan 3) HK. Taiwan people are much healthier that people in the US even with all the oily stuff they eat.


Thanks for the health post Mwalimu (damn did i spell that right?) Thanks again for letting me know about this site buddy.

Food for thought(I know you are a vegan, don’t be offended now!!!)

Pheasants snared in Colchis in Africa game-birds,
These are the rarities that have to be chased,
White goose and duckling,
Gaudy in their GAY plumes,
Are left to the populace, not to our taste.

The Satyricon, no. 93