Coupang (Korean e-commerce app)

I’ve been seeing (/ignoring) a lot of ads for Coupang recently until finally clicking on one today… and it turns out they have some pretty good deals. Apparently they’ve recently been investing in Taiwan and just opened their second fulfillment center here.

The app defaulted to English and wasn’t too annoying to set up (email and phone number, explicitly accepts names in English as well as Chinese, didn’t ask for an ID number so no issues there).

Just bought a couple of random food items I needed anyway, with next-day home delivery and a 30% discount up to NT$300 (expires today/early tomorrow), which worked out pretty cheap.

Anyway, worth checking out!


They’re likely doing deals every day up to 11/11

Big pack of tissues is cheaper there than from costco, and delivered to door.

It bothers me that the name is coupang not coupong which is how it’s pronounced.

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Yeah, quite possibly. The starting prices seemed reasonable and the NT$300 off (that was just for today) was too good to pass up!

Yeah, seems to be a lot of bulk stuff, hence the 6.6 kilos of rice (multiples were also possible).

On the iOS App Store, the coupang Taiwan app is not listed in the U.S. store, so I had to switch to a Taiwan App Store account before seeing the app. The U.S. store lists the Korean coupang app which is different.

They also support company 統一編號 if you want to business expense things

I will post the relevant links. Google lead me to the Korean website and apps (no English).

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It’s good to do price comparison with momo. I checked a few items and momo had lower prices before 11/11 promotion was applied

Here’s an example

Momo 911NTD (11/11 promotion gives another 111NTD if you spend 2k):


Coupang after 30% discount 975NTD:

Fair enough. I only really looked at the food items, and the prices for those seemed good. I’ve never used Momo, just Shopee and Ruten.

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I’m sure some items are cheaper on coupang than momo, but good to price compare with at least one other site before buying. Just trying to save everyone some NTD :moneybag:.

Also I have the momo cobranded card which gives a lot of cash back. Momo is owned by Fubon (who are also going to benefit a lot from Costco cobranded card and Black Friday sales) so they’re rich I think.


Pretty impressed with my first order - the stuff arrived the next day as scheduled (around 24 hours after ordering), with the added bonus that the courier (i) didn’t bother me by calling at 8 a.m. and (ii) lugged the ~15 kilos of stuff up to the 5th floor without making me go downstairs to do it myself.

I’m not a massive fan of ordering groceries online because it makes me feel lazy, but will likely be using Coupang again when I do.

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I have been buying weetbix from there for a year or so.

The price for 48 was cheaper than the price for 12 in the shop formally known as Jason’s.

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After seeing it on here I thought I would give it a go, ordered sone detergent I need to get and noticed the Arm and Hammer deodorant people where talking about on another thread, so I got 2 of them to try as they where pretty cheep.

Delivered today free delivery to the door, used an overseas back card, all done in English pretty easy all round.