COVID 19 - 183 day rule for military service exemption still applies for dual citizens?

dual citizen here. i can’t leave taiwan for work due to virus and the 183 days rule is nearing which means i gotta serve. what to do?

Thank you for your service!


Isn’t service just a few months now?

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Conscription Regulations for Naturalized Aliens & Returning Overseas Chinese


Why afraid of military service?
All men are doing it - My son is doing it and not afraid.

Hi there,

Did you manage to obtain more info regarding the COVID 19 and 183 days rule?

welcome to the service!

I thought they ended the practice completely. Or are these just the last few years before all the people under the old law pass the conscription age?

If they haven’t already, they should just end it and fill the service with promises of free education and job prospects.

is 183 stay limit still in force for year 2020…covid 19? eh

Sure! I don’t think the people at the conscription office care about Covid 19…


they care. They canceled some activities in consideration of covid19. I don’t think they changed the 183 day rule, though.

isnt there an exemption for military service due to covid19?