COVID-19 Booster Shots in Taiwan

I wonder if it’s medically possible to include some COVID immunity in the regular annual flu shot.

You’re in luck.

They can’t sell them as solo clotshots any more, so the taxpayer will fund them, or pay for them outright, as combos. They’ve been discussing this for a while - to see how to best spruik them, sign new contracts, get new business, expand makets, and maximize profits:

"few people - if any- were thinking about the long-term structure of the COVID-19 vaccine market. Now, as vaccination rates decline and government contracts dry up, that future is becoming clearer.

While COVID-19 took a back seat to other topics during this year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, several companies still took time to speculate about the future.

Notably, the top players are aiming to combine their coronavirus vaccines with annual flu shots and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) immunizations. In addition, execs at several vaccine companies said they expect the COVID-19 shot market to gradually shift to something like the flu vaccine business.

During Moderna’s presentation at JPM, CEO Stéphane Bancel called the flu market “a pretty good model” for where things will end up. If that comes to fruition, the company plans to update its Spikevax boosters regularly and potentially adjust the vaccines by geography.

Aside from using the flu market as a model, Bancel told Bloomberg that Moderna could introduce a combination flu and COVID product as soon as next year. The company could introduce a triple combination shot with the RSV component by 2025 at the earliest, he added."

Triple combo! How good is that? I love mone…

I mean, science! :wink:

they’re gonna put that COVID shot shit into annual flu shots, making it so if you do want a flu shot you can’t opt out for just a flu shot, only a combination


Highly likely. That makes the most business sense.

COVID shitshot? :laughing:

Here’s your answer. Folks 65 and older will reportedly have priority with this first batch, with more coming.


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“expects to receive 6 million updated Moderna shots by the end of this year, with the first batch of 700,000 doses scheduled to be delivered in the coming days.”

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ffs why would anyone voluntarily want that injected into them at this point. Its common knowledge that the vaccine is no longer effective, does not reduce spread, and has significant health risks.


Six million seems optimistic. It’ll be interesting to see what the uptake ends up looking like and how many doses end up in the garbage.

I’m willing to bet it doesn’t matter in the slightest to the people who matter.

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As long as the invoices are paid, I guess not. Objective complete!


Ten percent for the big guy!


More precise roll-out dates have now been announced:

[P]eople aged 65 years or older starting Sept. 26, followed by medical staff from Oct. 2, then members of the public from Oct. 9




Hardly anyone is going to take it up.

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Ten free tests and 500 dollars.

Must have a lot of tests left

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That might work. Free lunch box better

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Are these shots going to be emergency use authorization forever?


Well, they need to control the rush of people somehow.

The vaccine, which the government granted emergency use authorization (EUA) on Sept. 13, will be first offered to people aged 65 years or older starting Sept. 26, followed by medical staff from Oct. 2, then members of the public from Oct. 9, Chuang said.

However, after the first two groups receive the vaccine, health officials will take at least a week to inspect and label the shots before making them available to the public, Chuang said.

That’s… well, what does that mean? “Inspect and label”? What?

I’d have expected health officials to have at least a quick look at the shots before giving them to people aged 65 and over and medical staff. Maybe even before granting the EUA. :whistle:

Also, aren’t people aged 65 and over members of the public anymore?

In terms of safety, Chiu Cheng-Hsun (邱政洵), an attending physician in the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, said that adverse reactions to the vaccine are generally mild to moderate in severity, and similar to those of Moderna’s previous COVID-19 shots.

Don’t worry guys, the adverse reactions are just mild to moderate in severity. Generally.


Booooo! :-1:

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The government should just give up trying to give them to six million people and instead find a million who will be happy to take six over the next few months.


I could probably think of one or two people in that category. :whistle: