COVID-19 ending predictions for posterity’s sake

Time Capsule Discussion:

Did the world respond correctly to COVID-19 (aka the Wuhan China virus)? Was what we did really logical and worth it considering the societal trade offs?

When on earth will we return to normal? If ever…

Praise awaits correct predictions from the Forumosa of the future…:slight_smile:

I foresee a crackdown of Biblical proportions.

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I predict historians will rate the response as a monumental cluster fuck. Mass hysteria on a par with the Middle Ages. But, there’s nothing to discuss because everyone’s sure they are right.


I just want to be able to travel and see my parents again before it’s too late (they’re both in their 70s and not in great health). I know we’re “lucky” because we’re one of the only countries where life and work goes on as normal, but I’m getting serious Taiwan cabin fever.


With Big D on this one.

I don’t fault the initial caution, but we somehow waded into utter hysteria, and society (if it’s still around) will look back, tut, and shake its collective head.


The UK is talking about daily tests for the population. So if you test negative you can mix with fellow negatives. Utterly insane. The Chinese would like that.
I am in the UK now and the form I had to fill in beforehand showed what a farce it is. There was a long list of professions were you would be exempt from going into self-isolation. What is the difference between those people and anyone else?
The agenda there is different to other countries, but expect what eventually comes (4th Industrial Revolution a la the World Economic Forum) there - a reset to follow in the so called free world.


I know it’s fucking mental, I so much want to return to Taiwan now I’ve realised (may have already known) what a shit load of crap leadership of the Country is seems always had been in my life there but didn’t see it?
UK and USA are the worst culprits of advanced idiocy, however I feel the US will walk away un-scathed as the UK will suffer for many years.


Can only answer that in hindsight. Everything is obvious in hindsight.

When can we stick a fork in it. Optimistically by next year, probably towards later in the year waiting to get vaccines . Be very fortunate if we can get access to vaccines before Summer. Possible in some countries though. It’ll be 2022 before things become 90% normal.

I didn’t see hysteria in Taiwan or China , they shut that shit down fast (OK China did it in its second act after trying the fingers in the ear approach ).

Anybody who thinks covid is all about hysteria wasn’t paying attention to what happened in NYC and Wuhan. Also they probably don’t know anybody who got covid bad. Cos when the virus messes with you it doesn’t let go.


Do you mean 2022?

Yes :grin:


Yeah. Olympics in Tokyo next summer will be… interesting. It sounds like they’re determined to hold it no matter what.

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Actually there’ll be a big economic hangover but as usual some places and professions will recover much faster than others.

The emotive response to something new has been a big part of the problem.

Does anyone else recall when AIDS was going to wipe out the human race in the 80s? People knew people who suffered very badly from it. Many of them were told they were looking at imminent death, but they’re still here now.

Most of the ones still here got it from the early 90s on. Most of the ones who aren’t got it in the 80s. It was definitely a death sentence for a full decade before AZT and other drugs came on to the scene. It’s also a little different since that requires exchange of bodily fluids to spread, while Covid-19 just requires you touching the wrong door handle or not turning fast enough when an unmasked idiot coughs in your direction.


I’m trying to relate it to panic. Back in the 80s people were scared to have contact with HIV positive people. Which, with hindsight, was ridiculous.

I’m not directly comparing Covid-19 itself with AIDS. That would be absurd. The response to both doesn’t seem to be so far, which makes a reasonable comparison.

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Well yes, there was a lot of homophobia back then and people thought shaking hands with a gay person could transmit it.

But this you actually can get from shaking hands. And most other casual contact.

Anyway, I see your point even if I don’t fully agree with it. I also replied before I saw your edit, which helped clarify things.

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OK, there have been as many overreactions to perceived fears as there have been irrational financial bubbles. In the UK in the 80s people stopped eating eggs because of salmonella.

They come and go on a regular basis. Covid-19 might finally be the exception. But current death rates look like it isn’t.

Wild prediction, third or fourth iteration of vaccine will finally work sometimes late 2021. Then it will mutate and come back a few months or years later.