Covid-19 Notifications

I got this message in a group chat just now

COVID -19 sensor has been ‘inserted’ into every phone.

Apparently when everyone was having ‘phone disruptions’ earlier this week, they were adding COVID-19 Trackers to our phones!

If you have an Android phone, go under Settings, then click on google, settings and it’s there.

If you have an iPhone, go to settings, privacy, then health, It’s there but not yet functional."

Please check.

And I found it

Did you turn in Bluetooth and try it out

  • I tried it out
  • I won’t

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If you haven’t installed a “participating app” on your own, is this any kind of issue?

Who is “they”?

Anyway, “they” (Google) is a service giving people an option free to use or not by choice.

And it doesn’t even work unless you install a participating app. Which could be like a local public health authority.

  1. Totally by choice to use
  2. not a government tool
  3. after installing additional app still by choice.

Seems like a great free commercial service, not a government run tracking tool.


It’s on mine too. I suspect installed as part of an update of the “Google” app in the past few days.

It is probably related to that app (or a variation of) that various countries are touting - a joint effort by Google and Apple - that doesnt really seem to have caught on (and probably despite Google and Apple making a motza from the sucked in Governments).

Taiwan never bothered with this thing, they work on location Geo-fencing to keep track of those they had an interest in.

And given that it needs Bluetooth to be turned on to work in any way, thats enought to stop me as my phone eats battery when BT is on.

I probably would, if I was back home.
But being in Taiwan, nah…

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This works well when you have small numbers, but don’t know how well it would scale up.