COVID - Covid Tests to take a flight

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If one tests positive for a flight, does one also have to go to a quarantine facility?

"Under a new CECC standard, people who are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms would be sent to isolate in enhanced centralized quarantine facilities or disease prevention hotels , while people aged 65 or older and those with medium or severe symptoms would be sent to hospitals, Chen said.

Just to report that I did the antigen test as noted above and here:

There are appointment times in the morning and afternoon, I did the afternoon and was in and out in about 30 minutes after arriving about 15 minutes early. The results are ready in about 90 minutes.

The test document was approved by United for a trip to the US via their app and I got an electronic boarding pass after answering all the questions in the app and also uploading images of my vaccine record (the international yellow card one, not the local one).

When I checked my bag at the airport, the attendant asked for them but barely looked at them, perhaps because it had already been approved through the app.

I guess this all may be moot soon as the US is likely to drop the test requirement I think.


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Did they ask you to take a picture of it into the United Airline app?

And you did it after the test but before the fight?

Thanks in advance

Australia has scrapped its Covid testing requirements for travellers entering or leaving the country, more than two years after the pandemic began.

The change comes as restrictions continue to ease, despite tens of thousands of cases being recorded each day.

“From 18 April 2022 travellers to Australia will no longer be required to undertake a Covid-19 pre-departure test before boarding their flight,” the Department of Health said.


Yes, the app has options for uploading a file or taking a picture directly. I think I took a photo and then uploaded the jpg to the app. Since it needs to be within 24hrs of departure, I did this almost immediately after getting the report.

Once uploaded, it was in review and then an hour or two later it showed as accepted (I think I got a text from United).

The place to do all of this within the app is called the “Travel Ready Center” or something like that.

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Anyone has travelled with Turkish Airlines to London /Taoyuan - Istanbul - London/ recently? Do they require negative PCR test for the flight?

Here some useful advice from friends back home.

“Do your test, show your little vaccination card and get the fuck on a plane”

I’m not sure how helpful that is. Which test? For which airline? How soon before flying? With what kind of paperwork and verification?

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Has anyone heard of any plan for U.S. to drop requirement of negative COVID test for entry?

Also welcome any suggestions for rapid antigen tests I can get on Saturday (for travel Sunday morning) that meet travel requirements Taiwan → U.S. (I do have one or two leads but not yet secured successful test reservation etc.)

I will try to share my experience after travel here in case it may help others. Thanks to those who’ve done the same.

I haven’t read anything about it yet, but I am hoping they do.

Have you tried any of the places listed here? 入境美國COVID19陰性證明,台北、桃園、新竹、台中、高雄抗原快篩醫院

Someone mentioned this website in the other thread. I plan calling around to some of these clinics in 2 weeks to see if any of them do tests in the evenings.


Many thanks for link list, @cats_meow! May have seen this info already but will look through and double-check and call like you probably… Perhaps we can share any insights and experiences here with each other too. When do you depart? I’m booked for early July.

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I’m the same, early July. My flight is on a Saturday and I work the Friday before. I’d rather not take off work, so I’m trying to find one that can do it in the evening. It seems like most hospitals stop testing at 4pm.

I’ll probably start trying to call places next week or the week after. I think when I looked 2 months ago most places would only take reservations for 3-4 weeks in advance.

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So, my wife called some of the places from the website yesterday. The map section on the site is wrong. Most of the places on the map part, at least in Banqiao, don’t do the test.

We called a few from list section for the antigen test, in Taipei. The ones we did call do the tests and their times and price on the site were right too. You will need to call and make a reservation too.


We will make this trip next month. Did you end up needing a PCR?

I am flying in two weeks’ time. I called Turkish Airlines office in Taipei and was told that I don’t need it.


What’s your final destination?

Wherever it is, I hope you have a great trip.


My final destination is London.