😷 COVID - Exit/entry permit for passport without household registration?

hello everyone, i hope someone can give me this information.
I have a Taiwan passport without household registration, but i want to visit a family member who is sick, is this enough reason for issuing a entry permit because of the pandemic?
I know i have to do 14 day quarantine
Has anyone applier succesfully to this permit?
Thank you

There was a recent high profile case of a guy with a passport without household registration showing up and being denied entry into Taiwan. He was sent back on the next plane to SFO.

It seems your path would be to request a special visa to enter Taiwan on humanitarian grounds. I’d advise you to contact your local TECO office and explain your situation to them.

One more possible complication: if the family member you wish to visit in Taiwan is in a hospital, you may need to wait an additional seven days (called “health management”) following your 14 day quarantine. On this past point I am not fully certain, but my guess is that if incoming students are not permitted on campus during their seven day health management period, then hospital visits will likely be off limits too.

Good luck to you. I hope you can get this sorted out.


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Yes i read about it, he didnt get the permit first

Thank you so much

You’re welcome. Good luck with this!


I know this thread is a year old, but it popped up in my suggested threads, and the correct answer was never posted. So I’ll post the answer here in case it can help others over the next few months until all entry restrictions are lifted.

And the answer is: All Taiwan passport holders are allowed to enter Taiwan during the pandemic without any special reason. If your passport is the NWOHR type, just make sure you get the entry permit beforehand, as usual.