😷 COVID - How to provide evidence of negative COVID test at the airport?

I see they are selling COVID 19 self testing kits in the pharmacies, but they don’t exactly provide you with proof that you’re negative. Unless you carry the dirty swab around with you everywhere…

What kinda evidence is required? Do I have to arrange an appointment in a hospital and for them to jam that swab into my brain to give me a certificate? Or is there an easier way to do it?

I don’t think self test is acceptable for airports. You have to go to the hospital.

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if anyone can provide a list to where one can get either an antigen or pcr test in taipei / new taipei city for travel out of taiwan. paid or free options, either is fine.



you could ask them if they do anal.

I’m too used to NHI prices so I was surprised at the cost. Here in Taoyuan at Min Sheng Hospital the PCR test costs $3,400 / $4,400 for next-day results / $12,600 for same-day results (!)

Also, I could only pay by credit card; cash was not accepted which really surprised me.

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If you are leaving Taiwan, the type of test (if any) depends on the country that you are flying into. Many in Europe, for example, accept both PCR and rapid test. However, knowing how square-minded airport officers in Taoyuan are, I would suggest playing safe and going for PCR in any case. That’s what I did last month. The base price set by the government should be NT$3,500/4,500 (two days/one day), but then it depends on the hospital.


Taipei Veterans Hospital is better for same day.

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would this be pcr or antigen test ? and any prices, link posted above has no prices, unless all prices are the same mandated by the gov

Dang that’s more expensive than I thought. I’m going to U.K.

Thanks all for the info

To be fair, self testing is never accepted officially for anything. Be it drugs, pregnancy or disease. For one to get benefits, or in this sad case the freedom of movement, they need actual proof. a test done by someone in private and the results without proof of connection to said person obviously wont ever be accepted by anyone. And to be fair, shouldnt be.

They are for people worried about their own health or spreading something to others. Kind of like how an empty condom pack/used condom isnt proof of not being the father…eg. its pretty easy to lie.

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same destination. and the uk accepts antigen test, wish I could find those in taipei

Seems you can book an antigen test here http://airport.landseedhospital.com.tw/airport-clinic/serve/reservation.php @Incarcerated

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Nice one thank you, seems kinda far from the airport though as I’m coming from Yilan. I’ll prob take a look around here for one

I was quoting the base prices for PCR tests as mandated by the government. The hospital (KMUH) where I took it in September also administered rapid tests, I remember reading it on a notice while queuing. So maybe all places offering PCR also offer rapid tests upon requests, not sure but worth asking :grinning: As to the price of the rapid test, honestly I forgot it. Less than PCR, of course, but not cheap either: I remember that this was my thought when I saw the figure.

seems the UK changed their requirements from the 7th.
and would anyone know if for same day PCR you get the results via email ?

Passengers flying to the US are required to show a negative COVID-19 viral test (PCR or Antigen) result taken no more than 1 day before travel. For those in Kaohsiung, I recommend this place for antigen test - the cost was NT$450 as of 1/26/2022:

Yu-Ming Clinic
No. 537號, Minzu 1st Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 807