Covid-related policies by employers

Where I work they said if we are a contact of a case, and are not directly ordered to isolate by the government, we can come into the office after a self rapid test, which they supply to us… On the news this morning they were talking about how loads of the current cases had a negative rapid test, but a positive PCR. I guess people aren’t doing them properly, or they aren’t as sensitive as Taiwan’s PCR CT threshold.


I know a girl who works at a bank. Someone self tested on Monday and was positive. Went for a pcr on Tuesday. All her coworkers expected to be sent home. Nope. Carry on until the result of the pcr comes out. Takes three days. So if it is positive, all her contacts have been mingling for three days. I think they did self test on Tuesday, but…


As opposed to what? Everytime there is a positive case, everyone needs to isolate for 10 days? Have no one working because there will always be a positive at some time or another?


But that is what is going to happen. Except the 10 days will start when the pcr comes back. And probably some more positives by then.

I don’t agree with it. I’m just describing what is happening.

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Yeah, I guess that’s my point. Eventually majority in office are positive, and not enough people to come into work. So they will reduce isolation time etc.

Just like in many countries, at first stay home if any positive cases, then only isolate if close contact, then no need to isolate if exposed, and eventually even if having COVID, you can go to work.

Let’s skip this whole one person is positive so everyone should isolate charade.


Or just only isolate/stay home if there are symptom more serious than a sore throat.

You can’t isolate half of Taiwan because they’re positive.

What if someone in your school is positive and they tell you to get tested at the testing center… can you refuse and demand a home test kit?

I already told them I would do a home test and refuse to go to a testing center.

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I can work today and take home a test tonight. Probably start working from home soon I’d assume.