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Have tried asking travel agents, tried calling Taiwan CDC but get an endless loop of automated messages…

So I know that if I fly to HK, then I will need to home quarantined for 14 days, but the explanation I see on Cathay Pacific website (Eva explanation is even worse) does not specify a time frame, ie. have traveled to HK “within past xx days”

What I’m wondering is if I fly to HK and then from HK fly to a 3rd country such as Thailand or Malaysia, stay there for 14 days, would I still require home quarantine when I return to Taiwan?

Or maybe someone out there know the correct government agency to contact?

The W.H.O. is so useless at a time like this, even their website about masks fails to mention N95 masks but they just say wear a mask. Seems like any mask will do for them

If they are not useful in times like these then when are they useful?

I doubt why do we even need them

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Never useful. Just like the UN. Its aim to was to get everyone together onboard by getting as many countries as possible to join. Therefore, unlike the League of Nations, the UN was pretty much made toothless and compromised so much that it has compromised itself to be as palatable as possible to every country.

Why do you think they parrot insane things like China’s sovereignty claims?


This about sums it up



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the UN’s W.H.O. Not doing jack about the Corona Virus either other than Changing the name to please CCP and giving misinformation about the masks and downplaying the danger the first 2 weeks.

Also its great that Epstein sat on the board of both the UN Trilateral Commission and UN council on Foreign Relations

Do you mean you are only transiting out of Hong Kong? I am not sure what happens when you transit out of Hong Kong, but I imagine it is the same as entering Hong Kong.

Unless you have some way to avoid being logged as having visited Hong Kong, otherwise the customs would see your travel history when they run your passport.

As to what to do for your 14 days home quarantine:

Would be great if W.H.O. created some broad guidelines for this already…or suggestions seems like it could be done in a day if they wanted. Then individual country’s CDC could decide to what degree it made sense to follow

This is what I’ve been able to find:

In English:

In Chinese:

I don’t have any detailed firsthand knowledge of Taiwan’s COVID-19 quarantines, and I’m not generally familiar with the subject of quarantines, so I’d probably better not provide any comments of my own.


I’m not sure whether to post here or the other forum.

Can anyone confirm if flying from Japan or Korea (the country, not just transit through the airport) will result in a 14 day self quarantine in Taiwan? My Taiwanese in-laws told me this information but I wasn’t able to find anything in English about it so I’m not sure if it’s true.

Excellent work as always, CJ. This particularly stands out:

“Everyone other than those who cannot enter Taiwan.”


Thanks, @BiggusDickus.

On the bright side, in these kinds of things, superfluity is preferable to self-contradiction. :slight_smile:

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1.In general, starting February 7, 2020, foreign nationals who have visited or resided in the PRC over the past 14 days before they arrive in Taiwan will be prohibited from entering Taiwan (including those who are eligible for visa-free treatment, landing visas, and e-visas, as well as those carrying valid visas).

all travelers arriving from areas outside China, Hong Kong and Macau will be required to complete a health declaration form and accurately provide their travel and contact history regarding whether they have visited China, Hong Kong and Macau over the past 14 days before entry.

May foreign nationals, who ever transited through the PRC, including Hong Kong and Macao, be allowed to enter Taiwan?
They may. However, foreign nationals who ever transited through the PRC, including Hong Kong and Macao, in the past 14 days before arriving in Taiwan shall self-isolate at their home and be under home quarantine for a period of 14 days .

You would find any update here.

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See the post above yours for deets. Currently, only travel from or transit in China, Macau or Hong Kong results in mandatory home quarantine.
We’re dealing with this too, with an elderly relative insisting on flying back from Vietnam next week to meet clients… but he won’t actually have to self-quarantine, despite the travel risk.
Note this is current, and things are ever-evolving…


Not yet at this moment. But might be soon.

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Great find…also found good info on NIA website. Key point highlighting “past 14 days” rather than just saying something along the lines of “in the past”

Toyed with idea of just hanging out in another country for those 14 days before returning to Taiwan, but then figured I would be either (a) putting any friends/relatives at risk if I was unlucky and caught the virus or (b) travelling on my own which can be fun in short bursts but gets boring after 14 days

Also figured that if I DID catch the virus, my best bet would be getting treatment here in Taiwan (as opposed to somewhere like Thailand or Vietnam) given health insurance, local support system (friends), etc

There are a few options that cross my mind when we see such a total cluster fuxk of this despite quite a lot of experience, intelligence, money and technology on hand.

  1. Its just another virus. If it were “that” bad, governments and bodies like WHO couldnt possibly be so friggen retarded.

  2. Said governments are simply corrupt and playing their own secret game (eg. China using WHO as puppets, China llsing face on Hong Kong, China losin face on Muslim treatment, China losing face on Taiwan elections and a woman president having more balls to call them out than the rest of the political world combined…or just China fucking up everything they think about, so why not kill a bunch of people on top)

  3. They are just simply retarded.

  4. God / Nature is watching this like we watch Japanese game shows.

  5. I already have a tunnel dug and 2 years food supply. Bring women and guns.

So I’m now on 14 day home quarantine… a few things cleared up after starting the process and another question.

  1. Supposed to take one of those special taxis from the airport to your home. CDC folks did not explicitly tell me this but overheard them telling the guy next to me. I was pretty much free to wander around the terminal before going home and stuck around to play some Pokemon Go while I still could.

  2. Time to take taxi home and considered taking one of those “need a taxi? much cheaper” options but luckily I did not. At taxi counter, the lady had to call a special taxi so I had to wait a few more minutes (no big deal). Interesting thing is that when I got home, driver had me sign a piece of paper… I presume to verify that I actually did leave the taxi at my home (taxi driver also had the official address stated on my declaration form)

  3. Verification… so far, it’s only been phone calls from the CDC asking if I feel ok. No video confirmation, but I guess that they could GPS track my phone somehow? Anyway, it’s only the second day so not going stir-crazy yet and really don’t want to risk the fines. More out of curiosity on whether they will implement more stringent verification methods. ie. I wonder how easy it is to GPS spoof my phone location so that it shows my home… and are those GPS spoofing apps able to trick the phone company (which I presume is tracking your location via cell towers and not the GPS reading that your phone is spitting out)


Aside from cell towers and GPS reading there is one more way to know your location - via Wi-Fi hotspots that your phone is currently using or “able to see”. Inside buildings this method has better accuracy than GPS.
You could just switch off your phone and wait at home. If they arrive soon looking for you - then Big Brother is watching you :))