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This is what I am currently negotiating. Unfortunately, I have a weak starting hand.

You have a very strong hand. Your daughter is with you. It should be obvious to your wife what she should do. She can use the hotel facilities and leave every day. Plus, her room would probably be cheaper, right?


It’s kind of easy to negotiate. Either you spend money for a hotel, because the missus cannot find anyone in her personal or family life to live with during the time, or you save that money and take her out for a decent meal afterwards, because you slept in your own bed. But, yeah, wives are tough negotiators no matter what.

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What’s a “PARC”?

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It’s how the commonwealth nations spell “park”.
jk, fat finger. APRC.


To improve your hand: spend about the same as a (2-star?) quarantine hotel for a significantly nicer (4-star?) hotel for the spouse. She gets a nice week in a hotel with freedom to go wherever (including come home in the +4 period, but not stay there, which is absurd); the other two get a much more enjoyable week at home, rather than in a hotel.

EDIT: I was looking into similar issues in this thread:

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Why don’t you just ask her to quarantine with you? The rules as I’ve seen them don’t address this type of action, the likelihood of repercussions for an obviously safe and responsible action seem small, and the options you [BD] seem to say your wife is advocating for seem to be nonsensical…ignore them.

This is not permitted, as they are not arriving together from outside Taiwan.

I think the most flexible and cost-effective route would be for @lostinasia to do the 3+4 at home, and for the wife to stay at some kind of Air B&B or hotel. That way he could avoid the expensive quarantine hotel system while also following the rules.


That is what we’re doing, or at least that’s the current plan - but of course that depends on the willingness of the spouse to do so.

I’m not sure if it actually is cost-effective - she’s not exactly got a cheap hotel - but even if it costs a bit more, it’s worth it for me to be at home and mostly free in the last four days, rather than basically stuck in a hotel the whole eight days.

More links from others in the threads linked above about how, no, you’re not allowed to quarantine with others who weren’t on the trip.


Can you please show me the law which forbids this? It seems beyond stupid, and very unlikely to be enforced as there is no danger posed to the general population by such an act.

I’m not going to argue with you, but I will encourage you to use some common sense. What would be the point of three days of isolation if you’re sharing space with one or more locals? Answer: that would not be isolation.


The point would be containing the possible spread of Covid, obviously.

As far as I can tell:

This one was updated Jan. 2021 (!), but it seems the clearest:

Q1. Can inbound travelers undergo home quarantine in a separate room (including a separate bathroom) of their residence if other persons who didn’t travel with them also live in the same residence?
A1:No. All inbound travelers cannot quarantine at home and must stay at a quarantine hotel to undergo home quarantine if other persons who didn’t travel with them also live in the residence. Even if there is a separate room (including a separate bathroom) in the residence, they should undergo qurantine at a quarantine hotel.

A rule that’s less clear but appears in a bunch of places, including here and here:

An arrival should observe the rule of one person per residence in his or her quarantine location or stay in a quarantine hotel

Yeah, the problem is the newer rule is more opaque than the earlier one, but neither is particularly clear on this point.

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I obey the rules. It’s a Limey thing. It’s made me look like a daft cunt and hate the CDC, CECC, and a lot of Taiwanese governance.

Common sense?

I feel like the people asking why you can’t all quarantine together are suggesting that the wife actually “quarantine” with them, as in stay inside the house the whole time. While the people asking why that would be allowed are assuming the wife is continuing to live there but not actually quarantine herself there. Just trying to explain the confusion.

As for the question at hand, it seems to be correctly addressed that father+daughter could quarantine at home if the wife leaves. One would hope that the wife would be willing to get a staycation in a nice hotel for cheaper than her family would have to shell out to be confined to one room in a quarantine hotel.


Probably going to end up in a divorce.

Happy smiles

I can finally join the expat divorced guy gang. I always felt excluded.

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I’m actually quite unsure as to why I’m in quarantine at all right now. This past week I know 16 people in Taiwan who tested positive for COVID, and only three of them were in contact with each other. The person who helped stock my fridge for me just found out they had been hanging out all day everyday for the past four days with an entire family that tested positive. But I might have brought it back from abroad?


I found it hard not to laugh at the airport. They disinfected the soles of my shoes for christ’s sake.

So, what’s the verdict on the +4? I can do whatever I want? Will I be tracked?