Covid Vaccine Certificate--Access online?

Hi All, my kid needs a vaccine card for their camp in the US and we’re already abroad and forgot his card. I remember there’s some kind of “digital vaccine certificate.” Can I still get this? Anyway to do it? I did a quick google but couldn’t find anything.

There’s some more details in this thread, but I think the online platform stopped working at the end of last month-ish.

No idea whether there’s another solution.

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I don’t believe you are able to download the digital vaccine cards anymore, since the pandemic is over.

It’s kind of ridiculous to still ask for a vaccine card in 2023. Is that even legal?

Perhaps you can ask the camp if a negative rapid Covid test will suffice.

That’s what I was wondering. I would have thought the OP can simply call the camp and explain the situation; unless they’re a real bunch of jobsworths I suspect they’ll just accept his say-so. There cannot possibly be any legal or insurance reason for them to ask for proof.

If they insist, one possibility might be to call the original hospital where it was done. IIRC the hospitals were at one point responsible for updating the digital records, and could print copies. Perhaps @au has some suggestions.