Coyote Gives Up On Roadrunner, Eats Baby,2933,354505,00.html

“Help! A coyote took my baby” doesn’t have the same resonance.


shades of Uluru, 1980…

bad summer for coyote food in California, or just a lot more coyotes than normal?

and also, why fly the baby to a major city hospital if it’s not badly injured? what a waste of money. no wonder health insurance costs so much in the USA.

The fucking thing grabbed her by the head and neck and tried to drag her away. Would you suggest a little bag of many pills and a white sticky patch?

You said it eats the baby!

It didn’t eat the baby!

You innacurate titler!

And you’re a wishful thinker.

couple of stitches, shot of floxacillin, and some rifampicin pills for the next week. babies are incredibly tough: bet it won’t even leave a scar.

don’t forget, we Aussies have a lot of experience at this kind of thing :wink:

but i foresee a spate of sudden unidentified coyote deaths in the area over the next season. unidentified, unless they run toxicology tests on the carcasses. cyanide meatballs, anyone?

You said there was a roadrunner!

There’s no roadrunner!

“Chicken.” Riiight.

I bet he’s not really called Sam either. Probably Trevor or something, but they changed it to sound more macho.

This is Trevor.

funny thing is, inside the box there’s just a stack of pictures of chicken wings, drawn on cels. real cartoon food!

looney tunes indeed.

are coyotes Chinese??