CPA for hire?

Anyone know a good local accountant that is experienced in helping foreigners register their business?

I went to Joseph Ni, but the office seems to have moved from 105 Minsheng E. Rd. Anyone know his whereabouts.

Thanks for any help!

Did you try Enspyre? They specialize in this.

Elias at Enspyre was excellent. He answered all my questions, made me aware of some other issues, and then solved all my problems one by one.

What services they didn’t offer at Enspyre, Elias was able to help with by putting me in touch with someone reputable to help me.

Very happy with the services, the professionalism, and the price.

Thanks very much for the tip, Hobart; I owe you a beer!

Stray Dog

I am looking for an English speaking/reading accountant (affordable, I might say) who can handle the accounting of a Branch office and all the aspects involved with Group consolidation. We’ll be working with QuickBooks. Can anybody recommend someone? Elias, Hobart, StrayDog?

Has anybody recently worked with Joseph Ni of Good Earth Taiwan? I’d like to hear some recommendations or critics, please.

Joseph Ni is kind of strange. I tried to contact him many times and never got a response. I gave up and contacted Deloitte and Touche. Not cheap. Let me know how you get on with Joseph Ni.

I received a reply to my mail a couple of hours later and arranged a meeting with Joseph Ni. He seems to be very professional and reliable, however does charge more than the average. It’s probably worth it, though.