CPAP Sleep Machine Supplies in Taiwan

WCIF CPAP supplies in Taipei. I have looked at several local medical supply stores and they have nothing of the sort. I didn’t order supplies for my cpap before I came here. This mask should last a little while but I will have to replace it before long.
Any help or direction would be appreciated.


Maybe you shouldn’t waste too much time on this post, because I don’t really know what I’m doing.

On this Yahoo Answers page, people are discussing CPAP, and the fifth poster from the top remarks that the Taiwan Sleep Disorders Association ( 台灣睡眠障礙協會 ) charges NT$3,000 for a mask, but I can’t figure out whether they’ll just sell it to a person or whether the person has to buy or rent something else to get the mask: … 010KK09567

That fifth poster also mentions Tzu Chi, but I can’t figure that out either.

There’s other stuff on that Yahoo Answers page that looks as if it might be hopeful, but I don’t know Chinese, and I haven’t been able to figure out much on that page using Google Translate.

There’s also this page, that appears to belong to a medical supply outfit, and it mentions CPAP, and it mentions masks, but I can’t see a definite association between the two things in the text of the page (of course I’m at about zilch level of Chinese), and in fact I strongly suspect the masks mentioned don’t relate to CPAP (but that might not necessarily mean that they don’t sell CPAP masks):

At the bottom of the page, they give a physical address, two phone numbers, a LINE number, and their store hours.

Again, maybe you shouldn’t waste too much time on what I’ve written here. Hopefully someone will come along who can give you better information.

Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Hospital in Shi-lin diagnosed my apnea and offered to sell me a CPAP. But they suggested I could get it much cheaper in the USA. So I bought in USA. They should have supplies since they sell equipment.

They have a full-on sleep center where you can spend the night and they’ll complete a thorough analysis hooked up to machines and with cameras watching you all night. It’s like a luxury hotel inside the center. One of the doctors graduated from the sleep medical school of Stanford.

My sleep apnea doctor at Veterans told me not to buy my CPAP machine in Taiwan. He said buy from the States so I did. I find that everything at in the States is 1/3 the price. Plus, they have people that can help you with any questions you may have. I call them on Skype, which is free. Unfortunately, the major brands like Resmed or Phillips will not let them ship out of the States so you have to get someone to bring your supplies over here . I call this legal robbery.

I just have places like that ship it to my mailbox service in the USA and then I have my mailbox service forward it to me in Taiwan. Not really cheap, but it works.

Need a simple filter. Anyone know a shop with CPAP supplies?

Bump: What physical store to buy in Taiwan?