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I’ll go for an SM250, Dogma, depending on the discount.

Let’s do a roll call of those who are in the same boat. Unless there’s a discount, I’ll order from a dealer near Dajia, since that’s where my moto will be kept. I surmise that others are of a similar mind… if they pay MSRP, they will buy from the closest dealer.

Dogma, why don’t you set a date for tentative commitments to be in, then we’ll see if your dealer is interested.

Ok, well my dealer is in Hsinchu, the order time will be within the next few weeks, so let me know if you are prepared to commit to making the order this month and putting down 5-10k for the deposit when making the order and pay the balance when the bike arrives next month.

I spoke to the dealer and asked him to do his math as to what discount he is prepared to offer for what quantity. He will give me his answer tomorrow so please let me know tonite what your position is.

The dealer is not a Cpi agent, his shop sells superbikes mainly but I have chosen this dealer because i was introduced to them by another forum member who has done business with them and reccomends them.

Another reason for choosing this dealer is because CPI has not decided on a dealer for my area.

Also I have spent time talking to mechanics and salesmen in this shop who can speak English and are very helpful and open-minded so I feel personally that I can expect a good level of service from them.

It is up to each of you to decide for yourselves if this is the best option for you. As yet I do not know what kind of discount will be offered.

Hmmmm. I’d not be happy buying from a dealer away down there in the boonies unless the discount is very, very tasty indeed. Let us know what this guy’s prepared to offer.

Does that mean the timescale suits you and you have the cash available to make the purchase? Because if not then I cannot even consider you when seeking the discount.

Dogma is talking about a recognized dealer, i know that place very well, they have a bikers club with over 100 members and normally they are the most known group in the national gatherings, they do imports, exports, and distribution of many brands, but only big bikes, they dont deal with scooters… they do give a very good support and the prize is very attractive… you guys could try it…

If the price were 85K or better OTD, the dealer’s being in Hsinchu wouldn’t be a problem for me. If the price were > 90K, I would buy closer to, or in, Dajia.

Isn’t CPI based in or near Taichung?

Does that mean the timescale suits you and you have the cash available to make the purchase? Because if not then I cannot even consider you when seeking the discount.[/quote]
Erm, no, that’s not how I do business! I’m not about to agree to buy something before I know how much it costs. :laughing: The timescale “might” suit me and I “might” have the cash. It depends entirely on what he’s prepared to offer. As Maunaloa said, 85 – preferably 80 – or under and I’d be interested. Any higher and I’d prefer to buy one up here in civilization, where I’d have the seller at my fingertips, so to speak.
The ONLY reason for me to buy from so far away would be a really incredibly sweet deal. How the hell am I supposed to get the bike all the way down there for warranty work, etc. – especially if its not running or something? That, to me, is an issue worth a lot more than a measly 15k or so off the MRP.

ok you do that then , keep acting like you’re doing me the favour

Did i try to compel anyone, no I bloody well didnt, stop acting like i did, i couldnt care less about the discount, im not trying to drag anyone into my of thinking i was very clear about that already, make ur own choice, but im certainly not going to say “i may have some interested parties that MAY be able to pay maybe”

That is not how i do business.

I want to be able to say “I have some serious buyers if you can provide a good discount”

So i just need to know who is serious.

Keep your panties on laddie! I’m very serious. I realize you’re doing me a favour. Find out the price and let me know and I’ll tell you if I agree with it or not. Fair?
I’ll be buying one of these one way or the other. If your guy sweetens the deal enough to make it worthwhile, then he’ll get my business. If he doesn’t, he won’t.
If its a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other, I’ll probably go with Hsinchu, simply because it might help a few F.commers get a better price, but as I said, a few grand off – less than the price of helmet – is not going to persuade me.

Good glad we got that sorted, putting my panties back on. I will be telling the dealer that the go ahead will come after the proposal has been heard and accepted by all.

[quote=“maunaloa”]If the price were 85K or better OTD, the dealer’s being in Hsinchu (Xinzhu) wouldn’t be a problem for me. If the price were > 90K, I would buy closer to, or in, Dajia.

Isn’t CPI based in or near Taichung?[/quote]

We will see what happens, but for that kind of discount i think (maybe im wrong) we best do better than three buyers.

I do understand that people will be coming from far and wide to do this deal and will be sure to communicate this to the dealer.

No.76, Kung Yeh Road, Ta Li City, Taichung County, 412 Taiwan, R.O.C.

For sure I can’t imagine anyone wanting to drop 20k or more off the price unless there’s a bunch of sales in it for him. I’ll be interested to hear what he says, especially since it’s probably not going to be difficult for dealers to shift these bikes off the floor. Keeping up with demand is more likely to be the problem.

well this topic is getting hard to read… looks like cats fight jejeje, its good that you gentleman finally got to a common point !!

News from my dealer, He cannot offer a discount because he is not an authorised CPI agent and therefore cannot get agent prices.

He intends to source the bike for me as a favour with no profit for himself purely because he is a bike enthusiast and big fan of CPI and wants to support local industry.

He did inquire directly with CPI about group discounts from them and their response was that there will be no further discounting for any number of bikes from them “so as to stabilise the products price in the market”

So even if you ordered 80 bikes CPI would offer no further discount to the dealer.

So I leave it up to you guys who do not live in the “boonies”, who already have a dealer that has a profit margin to play with to attempt to bargain for a discount.

For the moment you can count on my order if the
deal/convenience ratio works out.

That is at least until the opportunity to create my order locally presents itself, perhaps within the next week. I will keep you updated on that so that I don’t hang anyone out to dry.

Personally I think the retail price is more than fair and I am impatient to get on the thing because each day I don’t have it is many hours of my life wasted that could have been spent enjoying it, so even if the price drops later and I was caught in an over speculative pricing strategy, I don’t care.

For those who are stretching their wallets to get the bike and have much more patience than me, im pretty sure you can get some great deals on 1 year old bikes next year.

Those of you that are only moderately more patient than me can wait a few months and see if I have any problems with my bike before buying their own. You can rest assured im going to ride the thing hard since I have both dirt and tarmac tracks located near to me here in the “Boonies” (otherwise known as the Silicon valley of Taiwan)

Which wisdom is wisest strategic or tactical, a very personal choice I think, based on ones own value system…

Ah well, it was worth a try. Many thanks for your efforts, Dogma. Have fun with the bike and let us know how it goes.
In any case, my wife like to blow a fuse when I mentioned paying cash for it last night, so I’ll have to get it on tick.

wives…cant live with em, cant kill em

Dogma, thanks VERY much for trying. I’m looking forward to your review. I know it will be thorough. I also think we’ll see some performance accessories fairly quickly, since this bike breaks the mold on price/performance/design.

Check your PM.

I missed some details on the Instrument panel look for my edit of the test ride