Crab eating mongoose

On my walk in Taipei county today (well at 8pm) I saw a crab eating mongoose at about 4 yards distance. It ran off quickly into the bushes next to a pond.
I have hiked a lot and that is the first time I have seen one in Taiwan and this is fairly close to Taipei. The area which I saw it, does have lots of prey such as frogs, snakes, and huge snails.

Last winter in the same area I saw Eagles. Not sure which ones but Eagles all the same. Many foreigners who live in Taipei forget that there is still a lot of wildlife in Taiwan even close to Taipei city. I find the best area to spot wildlife is usually abandoned factory areas and waste ground rather than the “nature trails”, probably because too many people hike in the nature trails. Anyway I wasn’t fast enough to take a picture as I was too busy controlling my dog that wanted a piece of the mongoose! Probably most people on Forumosa have seen one but this was a first for me so I was well chuffed! :discodance:

Whereabouts in Taipei County were you?

Was the crab full after his meal? Did he eat the whole mongoose?

I’ve seen a crab-eating macaque, but not a crab-eating mongoose.

And I’ve never been lucky enough to see a pangolin in the forests here. I think they’ve all been eaten.

Tu Chen/san sha

I am going to see if I can photograph some tracks today as there was no rain last night. I could track it down probably but I won’t. However some tracks would be nice to photo

I mentioned it to a Taiwanese friend (not saying which area of Tuchen/San Sha) and he mentioned that they make a good delicacy !!! :no-no:

He also mentioned that he hasn’t see one for a long time so must of been poached a bit before (and I don’t mean poached as in eggs)