Cracked wheat (bulgur/burghul)

Where can I get cracked wheat or blulgur wheat?

Is there a good substitute, if I can’t? Is wheat germ a possibile substitute?

(It’s for making felafel).


Gosh Bu Lai En, can I get some falafel when you managed to make them? Pleeeaaassseee…?

Pop into Citizen Cain and ask. They have home-made falafels on their menu.

I think that I have seen it in the organic food section of Jason’s (kind of in between the frozen food and the wine on the short shelves)

Bump. Anyone know?

I did look in Jason’s last week and couldn’t find it - but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

(And yes, it’s for making felafels.)

Don’t know about bulgur, but Jason’s does sell boxes of falafel mix (just add water). Of course nothing beats homemade, but in case you get desperate (and/or lazy :slight_smile: ).

Yeah, I’ve used that mix and it’s not bad (even six months after expiry!), but it’d be nice to try the homemade approach. Plus I’ve got a Middle Eastern cookbook I’d like to try a bit, and a lot of the recipes I’ve heard of use burghul.

Have you tried the local health food stores? I’m fairly sure I saw it in Matsusei, but I can’t say for sure. They tend to stock a good selection of various whole grains for whatever reason.