Cram School refuses to pay

Hello, my friend worked at a cram school where she was being paid 550 an hour. When she started, I told her the rate was too low, but they told her they would increase to 600 after 3 months of working. 6 months after she started, she finally told them to please increase the pay but they said that they would do so only if she signed a contract, which she didn’t. She had to go to training all the time, and spend hours and hours with no pay AT ALL for this. Her boss. was not very respectful and demanded so much from her given how low she was getting paid.

After a year of working, she finally got a full time job offer in a different school, so she of course accepted it. She quit her job and now they don’t want to pay the money that they owe her. they owe her 22,000NTD and know they’re saying that they will only pay 160/hour. She did not sign a contract, so she didn’t have any obligation to serve notice or find someone beforehand. Is there anything she can do about it?
This is at a Joy school by the way. I’ve also had bad experiences with them, would never recommend working for them.

Does she have any proof of her working hour, and hourly rate, such as line conversation or mail? I would visit labor department and ask for their advice anyway.


What city/county?

it’s in Taipei. And I will ask her about any proof.

As @tando said, more proof helps, but the burden of proof is also on the employer too.

Head to Taipei City Hall’s Labour Affairs Office. You can even show that she was being paid at $550/hr through tax records etc…

If I were her I would tell the school first that I’m going to the Labour Affairs Office, unless I’m paid what they owe me.

The school’s probably a franchisee so I’d also consider contacting Joy head office and explain the situation to them.


The thing is that she didn’t sign a contract, so was it not ilegal? and if she goes to the labor office, they might be affected as well?

If she has an open/student work permit or work right, it is not a problem of her.

Oh okay, great! Thank you so much for your answers. Very helpful

It’s a classic buxiban owner stunt. They refuse to pay money owed with the assumption that the teacher will let it go. Which weirdly often works. If you make it clear to them that you intend to make their life less convenient they almost always pay up.


Does she have a work permit? ARC?

I just asked her, she graduated 3 weeks ago from a university in Taiwan. She had the student work permit so she didn’t have a permit for the last three weeks. She does have an ARC. She already told the boss that she will take the matter to the labor office and the lady replied with a “sure”.
I think she knows that she’s doing.
From 22,000 she wants to pay 6,000.
I don’t understand how people like this exist

Welcome to the real world in Taiwan.


Is there any requirements in Taiwan that any time spent training, in meetings, etc. has to be paid hours? In the states this is required (otherwise is considered forced labor). Is this even enforced in practice if it is required?

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if she worked during the 3 weeks, she could be deported.


I’m surprised. I thought she’d get the whole lot. 6k is an improvement from nothing.

It’s negotiation.

Has she threatened that she’ll also complain to Joy head office? She could also say she’s going to the Foreign Affairs Police. Of course it means nothing, but it might be frightening if anything naughty is going on in the school.

It’s a scare tactic. Ensure that your arguments are airtight as if there is any work during without permission, it might be in her best interest to drop it.

It’s a scare tactic the ONLY buxiban I have and will ever work for used. He lost $83000.

Though if you guys are taking each other to the labour office with illegal work in the air… it’s a kamikazi suicide mission.


This will never be the case though. All she needs to do is say sorry. I’ll never do it again. I don’t know why people are so afraid. It’ll never get to that.

It might work or not work. You cannot guarantee.


Take the 6,000. 16,000 isn’t worth admitting to working illegally.

But definitely try biggus’s scare tactics first. Might get more.

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